"Book 2 Extrasensory Series is full of fun and thrills!!!"

Erin Bond has been sent on an undercover assignment that involves finding a way into a skydiving group heading for Mexico, and to locate a drug ring. Although she is a pro at jumping she has to play a newbie, and when her first jump goes awry and she ends up with a sprained ankle she decides this is her way in. What she was not prepared for was her savior, Brandon Anderson.

Brandon Anderson has been waiting for Erin for a long time; Brandon has the powers to see things before they happen and one of his visions brought him Erin, the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. But, when another vision shows him Erin being killed and then his own death, he decides he needs to get rid of her quick to keep her alive.

While Brandon and Erin find themselves falling in love with each other, will Brandon be able to change his vision and save Erin's life? Will Erin be able to keep her secret from Brandon and will he still want her after the case is over? And can she tell him the truth?

Franny Armstrong's second book in her Extrasensory Elements series is full of thrills, humor, and of course romance. Brandon is hilarious with his nicknames he has for everyone, but he isn't afraid to show a little vulnerability. Erin is the tough chick who refuses to fall in love with anyone. We also get more of Brett and Lana from Author's Demise since Brandon is Lana's brother. I cannot wait for Book 3 to find out what Ms. Armstrong will bring us next.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted September 6, 2010


When skydiver Brandon Anderson stares into the eyes of a beautiful injured skydiver, he feels electricity shoot through him, knowing her from his visions as the woman who will be his true love—until she dies in front of his eyes when shot in the back! Unable to get her to leave, he leaps into danger with cops Brett Colton and Jessie Chan to try and prevent his vision from coming true.

Erin Bond sprains her ankle while tandem jumping with a doped up diver and Brandon Anderson races to help her, stunning her with an unexpected attraction to him. He manages the club where Erin, an undercover cop, has been sent to apprehend the criminals running a drug ring. Though a professional skydiver, she pretends to be a rookie and uses her wits to integrate with the team, not realizing how connected she’ll become to the enigmatic leader.

Genre: Mainstream Romance (Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery)

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I B Jumpin'
(Extrasensory Elements: Book 2)
by Franny Armstrong

Red Rose Publishing
August 1, 2010
Available: August 5, 2010
ISBN #1604357541
EAN #9781604357547
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