"A well crafted and colorful science fiction novel"

X-Corp, makers of graphic interactive 3-D 'dreams', controls the New England Town. Slocum was a rising yuppie who lost interest in his work, which led to an estrangement with his wife and an inability to see his daughter. He moved onto his broken down sloop with his only companions being the Smuggler's Bible and a cat.

The harbormaster orders Slocum to leave his current mooring because Coggerhill Wharf is THE LAST HARBOR in the area where a big ship can dock. Slocum refuses because he does not believe a big ship will arrive after fifteen plus years without any dockings nor can he leave anyway until the Mechanic fixes his sloop.

To his amazement, the big ship arrives along with rumors that the Syndicate is its owner. Invited to enter the big ship, Slocum meets Melisande. Soon he believes that she is his last harbor to enable him to regain his real dreams, but first he must learn what holds her prisoner on the big ship.

THE LAST HARBOR is the typical George Foy grim and dark look at a 1984-esque future that leaves little hope for an independent person to even survive let alone thrive. The grayness of what is to come is slowly simmered through Slocum and his interactions or lack of with other people. At the same time that readers begin to understand the scope of Slocum's feelings and the environment he resides in, the audience will ask where is the action as the plot slowly evolves. If grit, grime, and gray are what a reader wants in a science fiction tale, then they should stop at THE LAST HARBOR.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted July 1, 2001


The Last Harbor
by George Foy

Bantam Doubleday Dell
June 26, 2001
ISBN #0553379313
336 pages
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