"To die for read!"

Jade was a fierce warrior trained by the monks of Haven. Nestled deep in the Shaolin Temple on Yufeng Peak they prided themselves and were selected from the best of the best from Shaolin, to create an unequaled fighting force like no other before. Not having been chosen but born into the Monastery, Jade fought her way to the top to become one of the warriors to help fight the war against Vampires, and carries around her stakes as if it was attached to her body. Also, forming a curiosity against one vampire that was found at the same nest she was told to destroy, was what made her struggle very entertaining.

A touch talking vampire named Dillion who is a couple centuries old finds himself on the very same mission as Jade. He is staking his vengeance on vampires until he runs into this tough, fierce warrior woman that makes him want more than her blood; he realizes that he wants her trust. Once mysterious and badass cowboy attitude, he just can't control himself around her, and finds himself helping the very warrior race that has been killing his species off for centuries.

Jade is finally forced to face the passion she has been sworn to deny herself and sworn to control. Her character boosts you up and gets you going and takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Little details with each emotion that open up to a huge plot. The story was amazing; I truly was on edge the moment I started to read, wondering what would happen next. There were parts of the story were I actually found myself flowing with emotion with the events happening, which was a good thing. It truly had me captivated. I also find the way the author describes things very enticing, she makes me feel like I'm right there, Barbara J. Hancock is an amazing story teller. Nothing is better than a good plot that leads up to an intimate scene. I truly loved both of the characters, Jade and Dillon, and would love to read more about them. And last but not least I was so excited about this story that I wanted to give spoiler alerts all over the place. I recommend this book to everyone, even those who don't like paranormal romance.

Reviewed by: Mindi Ferrari, author

Reviewed by Mindi Ferrari
Posted July 15, 2010


The problem with fighting evil is it often comes in a very attractive package.

Orphaned when vampires massacred her family, Jade has been trained as an elite Haven’s Warrior. She is pure, untouched and focused on revenge. Sheltered in a remote mountain temple, Jade has known nothing but discipline her entire life.

Dillon is as undisciplined as they come, a rogue vampire with rock-star style and a cowboy’s whisky-kissed drawl. He also has a penchant for nicotine, vodka and women—especially women. He’s found a certain tedium to immortality until he tastes Jade’s lips. He’s been through hell more than once in his two hundred and fifty years, but this is the cruelest blow of all—to become a monster who craves a woman’s trust.

Life’s a bitch and then you don’t die.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Vampire

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(Raveneaux Vampires: Book 2)
by Barbara J. Hancock

Liquid Silver Books
March 1, 2010
Available: March 15, 2010
ISBN #1595786724
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