"A Good short story with a little twist on Vampires"

Amon lived a life as an immortal for centuries. As he watches in the shadows to capture the heart of the woman he loves, he fights to regain the love they once shared in secret and a past he cannot forget. In his early life he was cursed to become the blood monster he hated. They called their way, "The fountain of life."¯ Devoted followers that were handpicked at birth and sworn to give their blood to their god. But since their god's blood was deadly only few survived the bite, and were turned like him and forced to live for eternity.

When Amon's mother noticed his compelling actions for the sacrifice, Aziza, she tells him she did not want him cursed like her. In fear of living in her shadow she bites Amon and gives him a life just like hers. His sole was tortured for centuries not having his true love by his side and knowing the struggles that Aziza faced having to be the Chosen sacrificed for their God.

Since he knew fate would intervene he waited centuries and searched the world to find his true love again. Finally found, he realizes that she goes by the name Alana and is about to be cursed by the hands of the same God. Amon watches in the shadows and waits for the right moment to save her and help her on her journey to find her lost brother, Edward. Will he be able to save her in time? Or will she be lost in time once again.

This is a tale of heroism, of one trying to find his destiny in the new world. The story is very smooth sailing and allows for the reader to learn about the characters very easy. The tale behind the characters is told with each journal entry that Amon offers. Thinking he was worth very little in the beginning, he grows to learn his true destiny. The way he speaks to Alana is breathtaking, especially in the beginning as he explains her beauty and confesses his love for her. There were a few passages that had me pretty sad at the struggles that Amon and Aziza face in their destiny; he is definitely the man I want on my side.

Ms. Adkins has definitely written a sweet tale of true love and destiny. I do think it is a good read and recommend it to those who like a different twist on the Vampire story and a few different twists and turns. Her ability to captivate the reader through the characters' words is simply awe-inspiring.

Reviewed by: Mindi Ferrari, author

Reviewed by Mindi Ferrari
Posted July 13, 2010


From time immemorial he has walked among us. Some would call him a God--Others call him the Devil…

A lifetime of sacred belief cast aside for one moment of perfect love

Amon traded his soul, his mortality and the only existence he had ever known to save the life of one woman, a beauty who forever marked his heart with the color of her eyes.

Second Chances

Aziza was as beautiful and innocent in her newborn life as she had been before the ancient sacrifice that took her from her one true love. She was also in danger of losing her mortality once more to the very demon that craved her blood centuries ago.

As their souls meet again and come full circle, Amon vows to defeat the ancient evil that denied them their destiny for far too long. This time he can’t allow himself to fail, because now he knows the truth -

He can’t live without her, and yet he cannot die…

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Blood Evolution
by Kimberly Adkins

July 1, 2010
Available: July 13, 2010
ISBN #1606018973
EAN #9781606018972
58 pages
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