"Interesting twist to the Arthurian Legend!"

When she was but twelve years old, Lady Mary "Molly" Pendragon was sent from her home and her mother when enemy forces attacked her father's castle. Well, the man she thought of as her father anyway. Turns out Molly's father is none other than Arthur Pendragon and it was to him Molly's mother sent her. And so Molly grew up with her father and trained with Merlin. See, Molly is a witch and with Merlin's training, she eventually became a warrior for the Light, along with her best friend Adria and other witches.

Now we jump forward to the present day and Molly is still fighting for the Light. Of course, most of the other warriors are gone now, including Adria. At least Adria had her chance at love and even managed to have a child, Adrian, who also had a son, Collin. Right now, Molly is tracking down a little worm of a man who stole something from her. Naturally, she does find him and he admits to the theft and even tells Molly who he sold his ill-gotten gains to. The items stolen were the Avalon Diaries, something Molly was entrusted to keep safe. So when Molly finds out who the worm sold the Diaries to, she is astounded for it was none other than Collin Remington—Adria's grandson. Now when Collin's father died, the surviving Light Bearers felt it would be best for Collin to remain with his mother and so they bound his powers until he would commit one selfless act. When Collin shows up at the boarding house Molly is currently living at, she is a bit stunned and after battling some vampires, Lachlan—a leprechaun—and Morgause— Molly's aunt and another warrior of the Light—show up. Of course, when they go to retrieve the Avalon Diaries, they find them gone! Stolen right out of Collin's safe. At this point, Merlin shows up and transports them all back to Camelot. Seems the timeline has been messed up and it's up to Molly, Morgause, Lachlan and Collin to fix it.

Will Molly and her merry band be able to fix the timeline? Who exactly stole the Avalon Diaries and why? Will Molly be able to retrieve them? Is it wrong to feel such an attraction to her best friend's grandson?

LADY PENDRAGON is a thrilling historical fantasy romance. Marly Mathews keeps the action going nonstop. Have to admit, I've always loved the Arthurian Legends and have read a lot of stories about them. Marly Mathews definitely puts her own twist on the legend and makes it her own. We have all the normal characters from Arthur and Gwen to Merlin, Lancelot, King Lot, and Mordred, but the author has put a different slant to them all. And Arthur having a daughter is an unusual, but quite interesting, spin to the tale. The different settings in this story are all very realistic and somewhere I would love to visit, from the dragon stronghold to the isle of Avalon, and even Tintagel. All in all, a very enjoyable tale and one I highly recommend to all lovers of Arthurian Legend.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted July 12, 2010


Collin Remington was used to getting what he wanted, and he wanted Lady Pendragon.

Born in the golden age of Camelot, Molly Pendleton had fought many battles against dark magic. The daughter of King Arthur she was destined to be the best Warrior Witch the world had ever known.

When Collin Remington storms into her life in present day New York, she is met with a foe she can never hope to defeat, for Collin wants her as his own, and he’ll stop at nothing to claim her heart.

With an ancient evil resurrected Collin and Molly must travel back in time to save the future.

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Lady Pendragon
by Marly Mathews

New Concepts Publishing
March 1, 2010
Available: March 1, 2010
ISBN #1603944168
EAN #9781603944168
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