"The Much Awaited Start to the Second "Almost Human" Trilogy"

After finally agreeing to let her vampire love, Mattie turn her, Allie knew that nothing would ever be the same again. After all, leaving ones humanity behind was a life changing ordeal. But with Mattie there helping her every step of the way, she had nothing to worry about, right? When she awakens to her new life, they discover that she has developed powers unknown to vampires. Needing to find answers, they seek the help of the vampire elder, Cain. When they find him, he is holed-up mourning his love lost, Felicity. When Allie shows Cain her abilities, he is blown away by her power. At a total loss as to her ablilites he agrees to help them. In seeking to find the answers to the questions they have, they discover mind blowing answers that rock their world!

Wow!! Born to Blood is the first volume in Ms. Nowak's second "Almost Human" trilogy, picking up where the first left off. Born to Blood tells of Allie's decision to change, her last moments as a human and her introduction into her new vampire life. I really enjoyed her development and discovery. Ms. Nowak is very good at wrapping the reader into her story, and making you live it with the characters with every attention to detail. The interplay of characters from the frist trilogy was well done, as well as the introduction of new ones. Ms. Nowak has a gift for letting readers into her world of vampires that is refreshing and real. I have read the Almost Human series from the beginning trilogy to Born to Blood, and I thought there was no way her game could get better but it has!! I loved Born to Blood and I will be looking for Descendant of Darkness to come out soon!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted July 12, 2010


Alyson used to think that vampires were almost human; that is, until she became one. Finally consenting to be lovingly turned by her boyfriend Mattie, Allie has come to possess traits and powers previously unknown among vampire kind. Now Allie seeks the help of the elder vampire Cain, to discover not only what she is capable of, but why.

Still healing from heartbreak over Cain, Felicity looked forward to a nice, human relationship, but dating the son of a vampire hunter, and having a psychic bond with one of his prey makes life far from normal. How can Ben and Felicity discover the truths of love when they are forced to live with so many secrets?

Someone has contrived a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation behind it. Is rebirth as a vampire always at the discretion of an undead sire, or sometimes is one simply born to blood?

*ALMOST HUMAN is a series of successive trilogies, not stand-alone books. Each trilogy is self-contained enough to be read alone as a 3 book set, but the story unfolds chronologically, and the characters do continue from one trilogy to the next. Main storyline closure is in each 3rd book, but there are also story-ties leading from one trilogy to the next in the series.


Born to Blood
(Almost Human: The 2nd Trilogy~Vol. 1)
by Melanie Nowak

WoodWitchDame Publications
June 1, 2010
Available: June 1, 2010
ISBN #0982410239
EAN #9780982410233
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