"Touching Romance of Love Lost and New Love Found"

Teal Greenwood gets occasional visions of the future, and when she sees the death of her beloved husband and son she does all she can to try and talk them out of taking the trip. Unfortunately she is unsuccessful and her vision comes true.

Months later in Jamaica, Teal is still fighting the pain of her loss until she hires a contractor to do some work on her new home. Handsome as he is, he is arrogant and completely the wrong type of man for her; but she is starting to feel the need for sexual release and wonders if he would follow her rules.

Camden Brooke moved to Jamaica after being injured while in the line of duty as a police officer, and the end of his marriage. Starting his own construction business was the best decision he ever made. Now he has been asked to do some work for a woman he finds attractive but she is remote and distant. Camden wonders if he can change her mind.

While Teal gradually comes out of her shell, she has become the target of the resident drug dealer and has another of her visions of Camden dying while trying to save her life. She cannot go through the pain of losing another man she loves, she would rather live without him and he remain alive then to lose him forever. But, Camden's protective side comes out and he feels he must protect her but will he be too late to save her?

Franny Armstrong writes a wonderful, heartfelt story about older generations that young or old can enjoy, and even relate to. The love/hate relationship between Teal and Camden offers laughter, romance and that refusal to admit they actually like each other. A story that shows there is love after loss, and that life does continue on.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted June 12, 2010


After losing her beloved husband of nearly thirty years, and twenty-two year old son in a plane crash she couldn't prevent, Teal Green leaves Canada and everyone she knows to escape to Jamaica, hiding in the hills to grieve. What was the point in having prophetic dreams if she couldn't get people like her husband to listen to her warnings?

Hired to build an addition onto Teal's small house to house a fifteen year old starving, pregnant teen, ex-Toronto cop Camden Brookes takes one look into Teal's eyes and is lost. He too left a world of pain behind in Canada to make a new life in Jamaica.

Neither one wants to love and lose again yet they find that they can't live without each other. Passion stirs hotter than the Jamaican sun as love blooms anew.

Genre: Mainstream Romance (Autumn Rose 40+, Paranormal)

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Tropical Balm
by Franny Armstrong

Red Rose Publishing
April 1, 2010
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