"Angel plus demon equals explosive combination!"

In this story, Aeron, the Lord with the demon Wrath, knows someone or something has been following him for a while now and it's made him the slightest bit uncomfortable. So when he sees a wounded woman trying to get up the hill surrounding the Fortress, he immediately thinks she's Bait. After all, Bait has been known to allow themselves to be injured to draw on the Lords' sympathy. Against his better judgment, he flies down and brings her to the Fortress. Even though she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and Wrath doesn't immediately go off in his head demanding Aeron punish her, he's determined to get rid of her.

When Olivia first noticed the gold in her angel wings—indicating Warrior status—she was not pleased. She was quite happy being a bringer of joy to humans and has no desire to become a Warrior. But she trained with her mentor Lysander and was pronounced ready for her first assignment. When Olivia received said assignment, she decided to learn a bit about the man she is to kill. Eventually, Olivia fell in love with him and there was no way she could bring herself to kill him, even if he did bind a demon to himself and allow Legion to leave Hell. So when she fails to complete her assignment, Olivia opts to become fallen and give up everything for Aeron and ends up in Hell being tormented by demons, even having her wings ripped off. Somehow, she manages to make it out of Hell and to the hill by the Fortress, where she is rescued by Aeron. Now Lysander is exceedingly fond of Olivia and manages to get a deal for her—she can have two weeks with Aeron, but then she must decide to go back to Heaven and be the angel she was meant to be. If, at the end of that time, Olivia decides not to go back to her old life, she will remain human, lose all her angelic abilities and another angel will be sent to kill Aeron. So her time to get Aeron to fall in love with her is limited and he seems determined to get rid of her.

Of course, this is not the only thing going on in this story, there's also Scarlet, holding the demon Nightmares who appears to Aeron. The Hunters are all around, including in Buda, and Cronus and Rhea are interfering with the Hunters and the Lords. And there's still two missing artifacts to be found.

Will Olivia be able to get Aeron to fall in love with her in two weeks? Will Aeron want anything to do with Olivia? Will Legion accept Olivia's presence in Aeron's life? Will Olivia be able to leave Aeron and go back to being an angel? Will Lysander stay out of it, or will he continue to meddle in Olivia's life?

THE DARKEST PASSION is an excellent story! Gena Showalter has outdone herself with this one. I just could not put this book down and had to keep reading. The dialogue is engaging, the characters are all likeable—at least the good guys—and there's plenty of humor sprinkled throughout the story. This was quite an interesting triangle as well, with an angel—fallen—a Lord and a demon the Lord sees as a daughter, but the demon doesn't see herself that way. Add in all the other Lords and their women and this series just keeps better and better. And the ending has quite a twist I sure didn't see coming. So far, this one is my favorite of the series. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted May 17, 2010


New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter returns with another sizzling installment of the Lords of the Underworld series, as Aeron, keeper of the Demon of Wrath, meets his match.

For weeks, Aeron, once an immortal warrior of the gods, has sensed a disturbing presence. A presence about to make herself known. Olivia is an angel–a demon-assassin–and rather than destroy him as ordered, she chooses to save him. The price, however, is high. Her wings are cruelly removed, and her immortality stripped. But for Aeron, who has always despised weakness, trusting–and loving–Olivia will mean ruin.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy


The Darkest Passion
(Lords of the Underworld: Book 5)
by Gena Showalter

May 1, 2010
Available: May 25, 2010
ISBN #0373774559
EAN #9780373774555
384 pages
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