"Intriguing, emotional, and erotic"

The continuation of the Lords of Satyr series begins years after and in a different environment of all of the others stories. Dane has just returned from ElseWorld to join his brothers in nineteenth century Rome. Having been given the task from the ElseWorld Council of finding a wife and producing children, he searches out Eva, a matchmaker. He did not realize that he would be more interested in the matchmaker than the women she was matching him with.

Eva had a secret: she is the only living woman satyr. Fortunately, she disguises herself as simply fey to run her matchmaking services. When the satyr Dane arrives in her house, she immediately wants him for herself. She knows that Dane could satisfy her needs. But, she continues to play matchmaker and attempts to damper her desires for the handsome satyr.

While Dane and Eva fight their attraction, others are vying for Dane and Eva's attention and resorting to blackmail. Can the two of them come to agreement concerning their attraction? Can they thwart the plans of the bad guys?

I found it difficult to write a summary of this book because there is so much happening in this book! At first, I found the story slow, but this seemingly slow setup is necessary for the rest of the book to fly by with erotic scenes, drama, and intrigue.

Eva and Dane are incredibly hot! Separately, both characters have interesting pasts that directly influence their actions. I enjoyed how the story slowly peeled away aspects of Dane and Eva and how that fit into the complex storyline of this book. I desperately wanted to know how Dane and Eva ended up together at the conclusion of their emotional, twist-turning tale.

I really enjoyed Dane. The intrigue of the story blended perfectly with the erotic scenes, leaving me supremely happy with the complexity and intensity of this book. Although Dane is part of the Lords of Satyr series, the book will be easy to understand for those new to the series, but fans are guaranteed to love this new installment. The series has definitely been expanded and I look forward to seeing how the world progresses. Give me more!

Reviewed by Katie Seely
Posted May 10, 2010


The dark sensuality of the Lords of Satyr returns to 1880s Italy, where these powerful men indulge their lust without inhibition...

An Appetite For Pleasure

When Dane Satyr approaches Eva for her services as a matchmaker, she offers him more than just introductions. Dane has discovered that Eva is a Satyr like himself, full of insatiable passion and dark desires. Their attraction combusts instantaneously, unlocking pleasures that neither can resist repeating...even as Eva seeks out a mortal bride for Dane...

A Demand That Can't Be Denied

Dane knows that the anonymous enemies of his past are now smiling in his face, but unmasking them is no easy task. A ring of sex slavers is at work amidst the high society he courts, and revealing his sensual powers could expose his greatest vulnerability. But having sampled the delights of a satyr mistress, Dane finds his own desires rising against him as well...

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Historical Fantasy

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(Lords of Satyr: Book 5)
by Elizabeth Amber

Kensington Publishing (Aphrodisia)
May 1, 2010
Available: May 25, 2010
ISBN #0758241283
EAN #9780758241283
256 pages
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