"Thrilling dark fantasy!"

Back in the 13th Century in Hungary, Lucien Korvina was a very happy man. He had a wife he loved dearly and a beautiful little girl. All that happiness ended one night. One fateful night when monsters came down from the mountain and raided his village, killing every man, woman and child, except for Lucien. For daring to lift a weapon against them, they forced him to watch as his daughter was literally ripped apart and her flesh eaten by the monsters, his wife repeatedly raped and killed. More dead than alive, they left Lucien staked to the ground, telling him they would return the next night to devour his flesh. Unfortunately for them, someone took pity on Lucien. A Revenant queen from another world and time, Sibylline saw Lucien and made him One of the Blood—Undead.

Now we jump ahead several centuries. In 2052 there was a great war and civilization as we now know it collapsed. The Revenants saw their chance and seized power. There are now four Revenant princes with Lucien being the heir apparent. Humans are captured and kept as herds to feed the Revenants. Under the Revenants are the Thrall, enthralled by the Revenants to do their bidding. Since the death of his wife, Lucien has not taken a woman. Now Petros—Lucien's friend and second-in-command—knows this isn't natural and between him and Christina—Lucien's Healer—finally manage to convince Lucien it's time. However, when they realize just how much the woman they have chosen looks like Lucien's dead wife, they have second thoughts. Too late however, for Lucien has seen her and decides to keep her.

Khamsin has no idea who her parents are since she was raised on an orphanage barge. Since she managed to escape that, she's been living hard—very hard. The only thought in her mind is to remain free. No one wants to be captured by the Revenants and made a part of a herd. After all, everyone knows the nasty vampires just want to drink human blood. So when Khamsin is captured, she fights for her very life to no avail. Not only has she been captured, but she is destined to be the woman of the prince himself. When she realizes the prince is suffering from a migraine, Khamsin finds herself pitying him, in spite of herself. The more time Khamsin spends with Lucien, the more she realizes she does indeed care for him.

Will Lucien be able to find love with Khamsin? Will Khamsin be able to love Lucien considering how she feels about Revenants? What of Sibylline? What does she have planned? And what of the other three princes? Will the evil prince cause problems for Lucien and his lady?

LUCIEN'S KHAMSIN is not only a great paranormal romance, but also has a bit of the futuristic in it. Charlotte Boyett-Compo truly has a gift for world-building. I feel comfortable in her worlds without ever becoming overwhelmed by too many details. Her characters are always bigger than life with very Alpha heroes willing to go through anything for their women, heroines strong enough to stand up to their men and go after what they want and secondary characters loyal to the hero and heroine. Her evil characters are just that—pure evil and very easy to hate. And then we have the queen—or goddess—and we're left not really sure how we should feel about her because of some of the things she makes her heroes endure. As always with any of Charlotte Boyett-Compo's books, I very highly recommend this one.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted May 6, 2010


In 13th century Hungary,

Lucien Korvina comes face to face with mythical beings from his childhood nightmares. Legendary Sagitarry and their beastmasters the Manicore, descend on cloven hooves upon his tranquil, rustic village and wreck havoc, killing and mutilating everything in their path.

Left for dead from grievous wounds, Lucien is found by the mysterious Sibylline, a Revenant queen from beyond space and time. In her fangs is the promise of eternal life and when she pierces the dying man's jugular, he becomes One with the Blood. As one of the Undead, he has become her plaything—her prince of the Revenants.

Khamsin has no idea who her parents were or from whence she came. Growing up on an old cruise ship turned orphanage after the Great War of 2052, she has never known love. Captured by Lucien's men, she fights to escape the clutches of what she believes is pure evil—vampire beings intent on draining her blood and enslaving her body, forcing her into thrall to a Revenant master.

In the great keep at Modartha, Khamsin learns the true ways of the Revenants when—despite her fear of him—she falls in lust and love with Lucien Korvina. There is but one problem—Sibylline.


Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Vampire
Book Length: Novel

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Lucien's Khamsin
(WindWorld: Book 4)
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Ellora's Cave
June 1, 2005
Available: June 16, 2005
ISBN #1419901664
EAN #9781419901669
e-Book (reprint)
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