"this was a very special read"

There is a border and one side there is the modern world. A world full of homecoming dances, internet and TV. On the other side there are ancient monsters that the humans fear. Dragons are just over the border and Kay Wyatt knows she is breaking the law by rock climbing near so close to the place her parents both work so hard to keep from anyone crossing. However at seventeen, Kay wants some adventure and doesn't want to follow the rules.

Her adventure isn't the start of things to come but it may have something to do with it. The dragons have been quiet for sixty years and now there is smoke in the air. Can Kay and her dragon friend help stop a war starting between the humans and dragons? Or has the war already begun?

I absolutely love Carrie Vaughn's Kitty the Werewolf series and when I heard she was bringing out a YA novel I was intrigued. When I read that this was about dragons I couldn't stop myself from pre-ordering Voices of Dragons. A YA with Dragons written by one of my favourite authors is something I couldn't miss.

What can I say expect absolutely amazing! This debut in the Young Adult area is breathtaking and I expect all Kitty fans will love this as much as the teenagers it is aimed at will. The story doesn't mess around and gets straight into things. Kay is a wonderful strong character and I immediately liked her. The plot was nail-bitingly good and I felt like I was there with Kay experiencing everything she was.

The dragon aspect of this was a big seller for me but I even if you don't really like dragons you are going to love this. I hope there will be more and if the ending was anything to go by it looks like this is only the beginning. I openly welcome any more dragon stories this author wants to share with us because this was a very special read and I can't wait for more.

Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
Posted May 1, 2010


On one side of the border lies the modern world: the internet, homecoming dances, cell phones. On the other side dwell the ancient monsters who spark humanity's deepest fears: dragons.

Seventeen-year-old Kay Wyatt knows she's breaking the law by rock climbing near the border, but she'd rather have an adventure than follow the rules. When the dragon Artegal unexpectedly saves her life, the rules are abruptly shattered, and a secret friendship grows between them.

But suspicion and terror are the legacy of human and dragon inter­actions, and the fragile truce that has maintained peace between the species is unraveling. As tensions mount and battles begin, Kay and Artegal are caught in the middle. Can their friendship change the course of a war?

In her young-adult debut, New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn presents a distinctly twenty-first-century tale of myths and machines, and an alliance that crosses a seemingly unbridgeable divide.

Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

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Voices of Dragons
by Carrie Vaughn

March 1, 2010
Available: March 16, 2010
ISBN #0061798940
EAN #9780061798948
320 pages
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