"an exciting sword and sorcery romantic adventure"

On the world of Tareth, Price Ash de Gar of Arete marries Princess Katrina del Lancer of Madelen so that their child can rule a united kingdom. The joining of the two nations into one country will occur just following the Blood Bonding Ceremony, but when an escorted Ash enters the bridal

chamber, he is horrified to realize that his new wife is Raaka, a soulless being. A zaid informs Ash that another body houses Katrina's ka. Ash receives an amulet that will enable him to go to "her". The amulet leads Ash to earth where artist Cathy Lawrence resides. Cathy has created a world that resembles Tareth and a mystic warrior who is Ash's twin. When he explains who he is and why he is here, she writes him off as a lunatic. Still, as the days pass, Cathy becomes sexually aware of him. When the time comes, she joins Ash, as they are transport back to his home world where the life-threatening adventures begin.

GEMINI MOON is an exciting sword and sorcery romantic adventure novel with a touch of the paranormal to add even more spice to this tasty and thought-provoking tale. The hero shows he is heroic when he is willing to allow Cathy to return to Earth but she leans towards the credo "stand by her man" by protecting his back. Elysa Hendricks proves a welcome new voice that will electrify fans of several genres.

Harriet Klausner Copyright March 2001
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 20, 2002


A warrior by nature, a prince by birth, Ash del Gar resigns himself to a loveless, political marriage with the princess of a neighboring country. On his wedding night he discovers his bride is Raaka, one without a soul. For peace to reign, the marriage must produce children, so when a holy man tells Ash of a way to retrieve the princess's soul, he agrees to try. In the midst of a storm, through the power of a crystal medallion, Ash is struck by lightning and transported to Earth.

Lame since childhood, Cathy Lawrence expresses her longings for love only in the imaginary world and the imaginary lover she's created in her art. When the naked embodiment of her dream lover appears in her studio, Cathy fears her fantasy world is becoming more real than reality.

Using the power of the storm, Ash abducts Cathy to his world. Cathy struggles to find her way back to Earth and sanity, while Ash fights his growing love for the woman whom he must convince to save his world by sacrificing her soul...


Gemini Moon
(Tareth: 1)
by Elysa Hendricks

Imajinn Books
May 1, 2001
Available: December 5, 2007
ISBN #1893896579
EAN #9781893896574
272 pages
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