"Great book especially if you like your sci-fi with more romance"

Just finished reading Linnea Sinclair's FINDERS KEEPERS. It kept me up most of the night -- until 4 a.m. when I reluctantly went to bed. I do have to work! I finished it this evening while waiting to pick my son up from tennis -- in fact, he got in the car, hungry as always, and I made him wait until I finished the last chapter before getting him food. That's how good this book is! Basic needs such as adequate sleep and food go by the wayside.

Trilby and Rhis are great characters to root for. They are meant for each other -- of course, true love never runs smoothly. Like all good romances, they deal with what separates them and pull together in the crunch. And there is a crunch -- I mean, saving the universe from the 'SKo is pretty darn important. Lucky for us, Trilby and Rhis are up to the task. The supporting cast of characters are great, too.

Of course, the 'Sko are still out there trying to take over the Conclave and the Empire -- which I hope means, Trilby and Rhis and crew will be back in a sequel! I highly recommend this book especially if you like your sci- fi with more romance -- more Battlestar Galactica than Star Trek. And yes, I admit to watching Battlestar Galactica re- runs on the SciFi Channel. It's my guilty secret. The book is available at Novel Books as an e-book or as trade paper.

Moni Draper Copyright October 2001
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 20, 2002


Be careful what you wish for. You might get it...

Her ship's in shambles, her boyfriend's dumped her and she's frankly out of funds. Captain Trilby Elliot hopes her luck has changed when a high-tech fightercraft crash lands at her repair site.

Finders keepers. She can sell the ship as salvage, pocket the profits. Except for one small problem: the pilot, Rhis, is still alive and intent on commandeering her ship. And another much larger problem: someone very powerful and very important wants Trilby Elliot dead.

2001 Sapphire Award Finalist for Excellence


Finders Keepers
by Linnea Sinclair

Novel Books, Inc.
September 1, 2001
ISBN #1931696004
EAN #9781931696005
308 pages
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