"a powerful and emotional debut"

Jenna White has just had her life turned upside down and sideways when a fatal car accident takes her husband and six year old daughter away from her. Dealing with a deep depression, a case worker at the hospital thinks her news will cheer Jenna up. Jenna is pregnant. When the news doesn't change Jenna's outlook, Susan keeps in touch in case Jenna needs a friend. Jenna deals with her pain by numbing it in the bottom of a liquor bottle. That is until her father steps in and makes her realize how much damage she is really doing to herself and unborn child.

Her daughter Megan has now become Jenna's reason to live again. Wanting to do what she can for her child, Jenna is shocked and overwhelmed with Megan from day one. Megan is not like her other daughter. Not in looks or actions. The slightest change in Megan's routine sends her into fits of temper. Jenna talks to Susan and Megan's doctor about her concerns but no one, not even Susan understands. That is until the night Jenna has a date, and Susan offers to watch Megan.

Steve meets Jenna at the store when she knocked over a tower of cans on him and then hit his car with hers. After asking her out, to which she declined and then agreed, Steve thinks he has found the woman for him. How can he deal with her daughter though? Can he help Jenna keep her daughter and prove to everyone she is not unfit, as they seem to think? Is there anyone that can help them with the issues Megan has?

Kali Willows does a wonderful job with Wounded Spirits. She tells the story of Megan, and her ordeal with her illness as well as the struggles her parents have dealing with it. She also tells the story of the love between Jenna and Steve, and the love they have for their children. Ms. Willows does an excellent job of getting out the story of FAS, and shows us that not everyone is perfect or has the answers but there is help out there for parents and children with FAS. Truly an informative as well as emotional book to read, and one I would highly recommend. I'm looking forward to the rest of the Unconditional Love series.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted April 17, 2010


This edition no longer available.


Wounded Spirits
(Unconditional Love Series: Book 1)
by Kali Willows

Red Rose Publishing
February 1, 2010
Available: February 18, 2010
ISBN #1604356669
EAN #9781604356663
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