"Suspense-filled vampire romance!"

Now that the old man has finally died, Sebastian Morgan has come back to Darkisle to his old home, along with his younger sister Ruby. Sebastian never thought he would see the old homestead again. With the trouble in Amsterdam, both Sebastian and Ruby needed to leave Europe, so it was good timing for them to inherit the house. When Sebastian goes out onto the balcony off his old room, he notices two people on the Morgan private beach. When he gets down to the young couple, the man becomes belligerent and Sebastian has the intruders arrested. Both him and Ruby value their privacy.

When Briana receives the call to bail out her brother again, she is less than pleased. It seems like Briana is always bailing Todd out of some trouble or other. Obviously, Todd is drinking again and getting into trouble. Of course, when Briana sees the young woman Todd was arrested with, she isn't surprised. In an effort to avoid charges being brought against her brother, Briana goes to Sebastian Morgan to apologize for Todd's behavior. However, when she gets a good look at the man, there is an instant attraction between them. In order to forget the whole thing, Sebastian wants Todd to fix up the house. And so Briana will drop Todd off at night to work. Not that she doesn't have enough to do with the motel.

Darkisle is a small seaside town and it's inevitable that Briana and Sebastian run into each other. There is a powerful attraction between them, but Briana senses that something is different about Sebastian.

Will Briana be able to accept Sebastian as he is? Will Todd ever stay out of trouble? What of Briana's ex-boyfriend? Will he be content to watch Briana enter into a relationship with Sebastian?

HEIRS TO DARKISLE DARKISLE BOOK 1 is an exciting vampire romance. Cassandra Pierce tells a tale of two very different types of vampires with Sebastian and Ruby. Ruby embraces what she is while Sebastian wishes he never became a vampire. As Sebastian and Ruby become involved with Briana and Todd, two very different types of romances evolve. The characters—including the secondary ones—are all very well fleshed out. Cassandra Pierce comes up with an interesting twist to the vampire mythos in this story as well. All in all, a story well worth the time spent reading it with a heartfelt sigh at the end.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted April 15, 2010


Sebastian and Ruby Morgan arrived in the small seaside town of Darkisle, claiming to be the grandchildren of the reclusive Edgar Morgan, who recently died at the age of 108.

From the beginning, Briana Dempsey has her doubts the Morgans are who and what they claim to be. She is, however, certain of one thing. Sebastian Morgan unnerves her in ways she's never experienced before. His skin is cold, his eyes are hypnotic, and he seems to have no heartbeat. Yet all she can feel when she's with him is an all-consuming fire that fills her with desire.

When a local woman is murdered and Briana is implicated because of her involvement with the Morgans, she must confront the truth about the mysterious man she has fallen in love with. Is he the lover of her dreams, or the architect of her nightmares?

Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Vampires/Werewolves
Heat Level: SIZZLING - Erotic Graphic, explicit sex

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Heirs to Darkisle
(Darkisle Book 1)
by Cassandra Pierce

Siren Publishing
December 1, 2009
Available: December 31, 2009
ISBN #160601689X
EAN #9781606016893
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