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Lorelei is engaged to Vincent a werewolf and the man she thought was her mate, but she begins to have doubts. Is it right for him to be with other women, to abuse her and to tell her what she can and cannot do? When she decides it is time to leave him before they are married a stranger enters her life and is about to change everything.

Darin is a Dark Guardian and vampire and it is up to him to decide if Vincent is acceptable to take over one of the werewolf clans. When he arrives at Vincent's home he comes face to face with his mate, unfortunately she is engaged to Vincent.

As Lorelei and Darin fight the attraction they have towards each other an attempt is made on Vincent's life and Lorelei is accused with the crime. Darin steps forward to try and protect her from harm and to prove her innocence.

In the end Lorelei must decide who she wishes to be with Darin or Vincent or will a killer make the decision for her?

T.S. Walker continues her Dark Guardian Series with a hit, so many ups, downs, twist, turns and one hot vampire. Once you start you may not be able to stop reading it. I know for me reading book four in the series has made me go and buy the first three.

Reviewed by: Annette Stone

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted April 6, 2010


Lorelei Riese thought she found the perfect mate in Vincent Cochran, future leader of the Corvina werewolf clan. Loving and protective, Vincent saved her life from a deranged male werewolf and they fell in love. He proposed and she said yes. That was three years ago. Now physically and mentally abusive, Vincent punishes her for anything. She's not allowed to go out alone and another's man's scent on her will earn her Vincent's wrath.

Two days before Vincent's crowning ceremony, Dark Guardian Darin McGruder comes to visit. Darin holds the power to open or close the door on Vincent becoming part of the Dark Guardians.

Lorelei is drawn to Darin, but loves Vincent. She is certain that no matter what happens in their lives, Vincent will change and their relationship will go back to the way it used to be.

Lorelei and Darin feel the pull of their love. Lorelei resists because she loves Vincent...or does she? Darin resists because honor won't let him interfere with his Truelove's happiness...or will it?

Will they survive being around each other for twenty-four hours? Or will fate intercede?

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Thriller, Vampire, Werewolf
Flame Rating: 4 Flames - Inferno: Pure erotica. May include any or all of the preceding. Caution is advised. HEA not required.

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Lorelei and Darin
(Dark Guardian: Book 4)
by T. S. Walker

eXtasy Books
October 1, 2009
Available: October 15, 2009
ISBN #1554874106
EAN #9781554874101
256 pages
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