"Steamy Historical Paranormal Romance"

Mariotte may be in a parlor-house but she was hired to entertain the guests with her music not her body. But when she draws the attention of one of the patrons her life as she knows it is about to change.

Cedric, Dane and Troyes are not just vampires they are also lovers, content with each other and the occasional woman from time to time until they see Mariotte. With a proposition Cedric knows a woman cannot refuse, he sets out to win Mariotte as their lover.

Even if it means giving herself to three men how can Mariotte say no to their offer? Part of the bargain was that when it was time the men would help elevate her in society and make her entrance into the aristocracy with a very good dowry. The one thing she hopes for is they do not find out the secret she is hiding, another is the fact that she is falling in love with Cedric.

Three Devils is a love story set in 1818 a time when it was illegal for men to be lovers and a woman was to protect her virtue until she wed. Add into the mix the men are vampires and you have a historical paranormal romance. The love between the characters is hot and steamy. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it left me wondering if there will be more to come.

Reviewed by: Annette Stone

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted April 6, 2010


The Three Devils gave Mariotte everything. Passion. Protection. Love. It’ll take more than murder for her to give up their quartet.

As the Regency years approach their twilight, Lord Cedric “Seti” Edgard enjoys his idyllic existence between Extranatural society and English human haut ton. His term as Bath’s Extranatural Justice near completion, the elegant vampire anticipates comfortable retirement with his two bisexual vampire lovers, Troyes “Lucifer” de Pellerin, a French nobleman, and Dane “Hades” Melbourne, Cedric’s godson and assistant. High society dubs them “The Three Devils of Bath,” and no man or woman is safe from their sensuous attentions.

Mariotte Sabrier, a Creole musician, piques Cedric’s craving for feminine loveliness, and he seduces her into his household. Employment as a concert pianist allows Mariotte to live on her own terms, free of her dissolute half-brother’s control, far from Louisiana’s Gulf Coast and rumors of her tainted racial heritage. Introduction as Cedric’s ward grants her entrée into Britain’s upper class. Erotic gratification sweetens her acceptance of his carte blanche. And the caveat—she must also entertain the vampire’s constant companions, Dane and Troyes—increases her intrigue.

Love, risk, and past disappointments stalk Mariotte’s endeavors to fulfill her bargain. Troyes introduces her to pursuit of pleasure for its own sake, while Dane initiates her into exotic sensuality and their friendship deepens to love, a match for the fiery longing Mariotte senses whenever she and Cedric occupy the same room.

After Cedric’s investigation of a shocking Extranatural murder exposes them all to danger, the lovers must confront what Mariotte’s alliance really means. Is the exotic beauty suited to the deeper intimacies of vampire love, or will she remain happiest as the pampered mistress and companion to the Three Devils in Bath?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Historical

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Three Devils In Bath
by Mia Cherish

Amber Allure
December 1, 2009
Available: December 4, 2009
ISBN #1602726086
EAN #9781602726086
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