"Book Two in the Steamy Alpha Colony Series"

The Alpha Colony is a place where genetic engineering has created shapeshifters or "morphs". A Colony was created to to protect the humans from the shifters. Dyauna, a half breed rebel, fights for her freedom and that of others. Tired of being caged, she is determined to defy the humans at every turn. As head of the rebels it is up to her to fight whoever gets in their way, even if it is a certain pride leader who sets her on fire.

Grayson, the barbary pride leader, believes that working with the humans is the only way to live without being hunted. He hopes that if he can get Dyauna to side with him, the rebels will follow in her steps and they can come together for peace. But his and Dyauna's relationship has always been turbulant, but never without passion. He will use whatever method he can to get her to listen to reason, even if he has to kidnap her, tie her to a bed and make passionate love to her til she see's reason. And maybe he can convince her to finally accept his mate bond.

What a deliciously hot and steamy read!! I love strong characters who kick ass and Dyauna does exactly that! Her spirit and strength will win you over, and her desire to fight for what she believes is very real. And Grayson, a true alpha male, will do whatever it takes to get his mate. The two together make the pages steam with their passion and their two different views makes for very entertaining reading. All i can say is More, More, More!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted April 3, 2010


As a Pride leader, Maddox knows unification is the only chance the cat-shifters have of surviving the harsh conditions at Alpha Colony. His reputation for ruthlessness is well known, so the other pride leaders quickly fall in line.

Convinced any form of cooperation is unacceptable, Dyauna and her followers are determined to defy their human captors at every turn. Still, the rest of the rebels will accept unification if Maddox can recruit Dyauna.

Their relationship has always been tempestuous, but he knows how to make her purr. Her radical ideals once drove them apart, and he can't let it happen again. He'll take her captive for a few days and focus entirely on her pleasure. Then she'll be forced to admit they are meant to be together, just like the cat-shifter clans. Read An Excerpt


United Passion
by Aubrey Ross

Changeling Press
March 1, 2010
Available: March 1, 2010
ISBN #1605213538
EAN #9781605213538
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