"Step into a world of secret societies and angelic beings!"

Sister Evangeline of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration has chosen to bury most of her childhood memories. Since it was her father's wish she remain at St. Rose Convent, Evangeline took her vows and has since become immersed in the lifestyle—one of ritual and devotions. Evangeline works in the convent library as Sister Philomena's assistant. It's a life in which Evangeline has found contentment. Then one day, something happens which turns Evangeline's life upside-down. As part of her work in the library, it is Evangeline's job to answer correspondence. This particular morning, Evangeline finds a letter from a researcher asking about any correspondence between Mother Innocenta—the founder of St. Rose Convent—and Abigail Rockefeller. Well, Evangeline does what she's always done with any request for access to the library—she refuses the researcher admittance. However, the request strikes Evangeline as being out of the ordinary and so she begins to investigate and looks for any correspondence between the two herself. All that she finds is one letter, but it is proof that a correspondence did exist between Mother Innocenta and Abigail Rockefeller.

When the researcher shows up in person, for some strange reason, Evangeline feels comfortable with him and instead of showing him the door, the two of them show each other the correspondence in their possession. This begins the point where they both become involved in the secret Society of Angelologists. Evangeline begins to remember bits and pieces of her childhood and some of the things she's seen. Verlaine, on the other hand, begins to run for his life.

Will Evangeline be able to discover what role she is to take with the angelologists? What will happen with Verlaine? Will he ever be safe again?

ANGELOLOGY is an interesting peek into the world of angels, Nephilim and all types of angelic beings. Danielle Trussoni leads us into a fascinating tale of a secret society. This is not just a story of one individual however, as we also go into the past and get a secondhand account of Evangeline's grandmother's life as a young woman in pre-war France through the eyes of a nun now in St. Rose Convent. And slowly but surely, Evangeline learns her destiny. This story has plots and subplots galore. There is danger, murder, and death as well. While it may start a bit on the slow side, it builds up to an unexpected ending.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted March 23, 2010


by Danielle Trussoni

Viking Press
March 1, 2010
Available: March 10, 2010
ISBN #0670021474
EAN #9780670021475
464 pages
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