"Magic, mates and evil abound in this medieval romance!"

In this second DRUIDS GLEN story, we learn of Fiona, the middle Sinclair sister. When Fiona and Moira heard the sounds of battle in the castle, they did as their father bid them and took secret passageways through the castle to the woods. When they got to the woods, Moira left to go after their baby sister, leaving Fiona with one of their father's friends. That was the last time Fiona ever saw Moira, for Fiona was taken by Cormag MacDougal and raised by him and his wife Helen. Ever since that time Fiona has had abandonment issues and will allow no one close to her, other than her foster parents. At least Helen is also a Druid and has taught Fiona how to use her powers. So when the stranger comes to her home and tells Cormag it is time for Fiona to go to her sisters, she refuses to accompany him. Unfortunately, Cormag will not accept that and states she will go, even if he has to tie her to her mare. This is when Fiona learns that Moira has communicated with Helen, even though Fiona herself has heard nothing from her older sister. And so begins Fiona and Gregor's journey to Druids Glen.

After being banished by his clan, Gregor became a mercenary and one of the best. His latest assignment was with the MacNeill. In the end, he did the right thing by Connall, who now considers Gregor a good friend. So when Moira hires him to fetch her sister, Gregor accepts. When he gets to the MacDougal keep, he immediately notices Fiona and is very attracted to her. Now he knows he must do the honorable thing and protect her during their journey, even though he wants nothing more than to ravish her. Right after they undertake their journey, they can hear a battle at Fiona's home and she races back there, only to have Gregor follow her. When they get there, they see slaughter and manage to find Cormag just before he dies. At that point, Gregor realizes the MacNeill is after them and hurries Fiona along.

Will Fiona recognize Gregor as her mate? Will she allow herself to love him? Will Gregor be forced to deal with his clan and the reasons for his banishment? Will the two of them even make it to Druids Glen?

HIGHLAND NIGHTS DRUIDS GLEN BOOK 2 is a thrilling race against evil, medieval style. Donna Grant effortlessly continues the tale begun in DRUIDS GLEN BOOK 1 with this second story. On one hand, we have Gregor, dealing with the reasons why he was banished from his clan and all the guilt he has been carrying around since that time. On the other hand, we have Fiona, a woman who feels everyone will leave her and she will always be alone. This is a wonderful romance as we watch these two very independent people come together and fall in love, complete with heartfelt sigh at the end. I just hope we have the third story so we can find out how the prophecy works out.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted March 11, 2010


A mercenary haunted by his sinister past… Gregor MacLachlan has much to hide. Not only has he made a name for himself as a man with a sword for hire, but no one knows his true identity as that of the laird of MacLachlan’s son. Banished from his home, Gregor has been content with his life, never relying on anyone or anything—until Fiona.

A powerful Druid priestess… Fiona Sinclair depends on one person—herself. She learned early on that she was alone in this world, a world that took her sisters and her parents. Yet the call to Druids Glen is strong, and the man responsible for her parents’ death stalks her. There is only one man who can get her safely to the glen, but can she afford the price Gregor asks when it means giving up both her freedom…and her heart?

Publisher’s Note: Previously published elsewhere under the same title.

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Highland Nights
(Druids Glen: Book 2)
by Donna Grant

Cerridwen Press
December 1, 2009
Available: December 1, 2009
ISBN #1419923587
EAN #9781419923586
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