"Smokin' hot!"

Kelly's best friend and fellow vampire, Sara, drags her to a fetish club because Sara believes that Kelly needs to loosen up. Plus, they both needed dinner. Although nervous about being in the club, Kelly soon meets the incredibly sexy Marcus. Since Kelly and Sara believed they were the last two surviving vampires, they were equally surprised that Marcus is another vampire.

After meeting Marcus, Kelly soon discovers that an entire underground world exists in which she had no knowledge. Luckily, Marcus takes her under his wing. But, when word spreads two new vampires have arrived on the scene, others try to compete for Kelly and Sara, leading to deadly struggles between the man Kelly has fallen for and those that want her for themselves.

Grab your fans because you're going to need to cool off after reading this book. When Kelly and Marcus are together, they are smoking hot. Their first scene together is the epitome of urban fantasy meets vampire erotica. I loved it.

Unfortunately, I felt the remainder of the story lacking. I enjoyed learning about a new vampire society and the struggles within the ranks, but I felt the pacing was erratic. In general, I thought this book should have ended at several points, yet the story kept going, belaboring points that had been made. There is a slight twist at the end to add intrigue, but at this point, I felt Deadly Fetishes gave me too little too late.

Overall, the relationship between Marcus and Kelly is superbly done, but I felt the book was simply too long.

Reviewed by Katie Seely
Posted March 11, 2010


Deadly Fetishes
by Kayden McLeod

Eternal Press
February 1, 2010
Available: February 1, 2010
ISBN #1770650318
EAN #9781770650312
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