"Well researched and intriguing"

Raechev is one of the most powerful Nephelim on Earth, and is the only female Nephelim still alive. Believing that she was following Elohim's orders, she instead incurred His wrath close to 2500 years ago. She has been suffering and dealing with her anger ever since, though she still strives to live righteously and by Elohim's rules. Consequently, she wanders the Earth, destroying any Nephelim who commit crimes against humankind.

These fallen Nephelim are working toward building an army to destroy Elohim. At their head is the goddess Ishtar, who also happens to be Raechev's mother. When, in the present day, an archaeological dig takes place at Ishtar's ancient home of Nineveh, the imprisoned goddess begins to break free. Many of the fallen Nephelim gather at Nineveh, and the human archaeologists are possessed or eaten alive as a result of the Nephelim's appetites.

It falls to Raechev to protect the humans at the dig site. She must also face her past and her fate when she squares off against her mother and her fallen brethren.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed by this book. I thought that the premise and basic plot were interesting and held promise. However, I felt that the execution fell a little short. There were mechanical issues that made the book a little confusing to read, which unfortunately lessened my enjoyment of it.

However, that being said, I was very intrigued by the Nephelim. The book was very well researched and comes complete with appendices and a list of references for further reading. I liked how the author ties many different religions and belief systems together, with the Nephelim as the common denominator. As I understand it, the Nephelim as a race is found in many religions and belief systems, both ancient and contemporary, though they may go under different names. There are also elements of different paranormal races, such as vampires, in the book. I thought that the author wove these elements and races together very well.

All in all, I am intrigued by the Nephelim and would like to learn more. The author presented a lot of researched information and wove that research seamlessly into her characters.

I thought that this was a good debut effort.

Reviewed by Charlotte Cowie
Posted March 9, 2010


Sons of God tells the story of Raechev, the most powerful female Nephelim still roaming the face of the earth. Two and a half thousand years ago, she incurred the wrath of Elohim when she disobeyed his command: the Nephelim--an ancient half-breed race, the children of angels and mortals--must destroy any of their kinsmen who commit atrocities against mankind. She was weak in her love for her mother, the wanton goddess Ishtar, and was therefore barred from the Creator's protection in the Cities of Refuge. Still steadfast in her devotion to Elohim, Raechev wanders the mortal realm, exterminating those of her fallen brethren that hunt her and seek to breed an army of a size unrivaled since before the Great Flood.

Now, in the present day, the fallen Nephelim have enticed a group of scientists to research the DNA of their ancestors in hopes of cloning a destructive horde. When the mortals begin an archaeological dig near Ishtar's prison in the ancient city of Nineveh, they begin being possessed or eaten alive in a series of horrifying events--and Raechev must return to face her fate under the gathering storm clouds of Armageddon. Rebecca Kurtz's extensively researched novel probes our conceptions of reality, and uncovers the links between the holy scriptures of leading religions and humanity's continued sense of the supernatural, occult, and vampires. Her research is provided so each one can decide for themselves what is truth and what is myth.

Genre: Fantasy


Sons of God
by Rebecca Ellen Kurtz

Ephesus Books
March 1, 2009
Available: March 1, 2009
ISBN #0982313500
EAN #9780982313503
245 pages
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