"Exciting, fast-paced story."

After she was attacked and successfully turned, Holly Sanchez was asked to go on a mission for Wolven. She was asked to go to Australia and find Eric Thompson and give him a message from Lucas. Considering the fact Holly had a crush on Eric when she was a teenager, she's happy to go. So once Holly sees Eric and delivers the message—bringing out all the old feelings she had for him plus—she decides to find her older sister. After all, when will Holly have the opportunity to meet with Rose again? While at Rose's home, Holly receives a call telling her to get to the airport, that a flight home has been arranged for her and so off she goes. However, she is not alone. A man accosts her and tells her that if she doesn't take him with her, he will have her sister killed. Of course, Holly complies, but manages to put him into a healing trance and ditches him at the airport in the States. And who is the first person Holly sees when she gets to her destination? None other than Eric, who was sent to take Holly to the new headquarters.

Of course, there is a major problem at the new headquarters. During the time Eric was gone picking up Holly, the whole place has become overrun with Sazi and their families. Seems there was a major attack on all the different Sazi groups, which took place at the same time. Right now, both Charles and Lucas are unconscious and the seers have ordered Tony to do a hindsight on Charles—with both Holly and Eric. Once they do the hindsight, the Sazi find out what they're up against—Marduc. Seems Marduc is not only extremely powerful, but she is ready to be born again and it took three very old, very powerful Sazi to take her down. And that's not all—she's also invisible.

Will Charles and Lucas wake up? Will they be changed when they do? What of Eric and Holly? What part do they play in ridding the Sazi of Marduc? With the attraction between them, is there a chance they're mates?

SERPENT MOON TALES OF THE SAZI picks up where COLD MOON RISING left off. I honestly believe C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp would not be able to write a bad story if they tried and this story fully proves that. We have action, adventure, danger and through it all, we have love. And Tony is in this one! Really, there is nothing not to like about this series. They're all fast-paced, exciting stories and in each one we learn a little more about all the different plots and subplots. Again, I cannot recommend this series highly enough!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted February 22, 2010


Shapeshifters live among us, their very existence a secret they're willing to die . . . or kill, to protect. Welcome to the world of the Sazi, a dangerous world of passion and intrigue where human and animal natures clash in a continuing struggle for dominance.

Eric Thompson has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, the Alpha of the Canadian werewolf pack. While he has strength and speed and a howl that can truly make his pack whole, he doesn’t have his brother’s viciousness—and the pack wasn’t worth either of them dying. To Eric, a leader should lead wisely and well, and his brother has done neither. So he left to become a lone wolf.

Holly Sanchez has likewise lived in the shadows. A full human born to the Omega of the Boulder pack, she was attacked and turned into the very thing she had come to hate. Worse still, she became an alphic healer—except that as a wolf, she now terrifies the very animals she’d hoped to one day treat as a veterinarian.

But as the world goes mad and species begins to attack species, Holly and Eric learn that they may only have their special gifts, and each other, to rely on to hold together the fragments of what was once a mighty shapeshifter population.

For She has finally come, and the world will never again be the same.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter


Serpent Moon
(Sazi: Book 8)
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp

Tor Books
March 1, 2010
Available: March 2, 2010
ISBN #0765364255
EAN #9780765364258
384 pages
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