"Exterminator Moves Children into Client's Body. Film at Eleven!"

When Jo Ellen Banks, rebel, ghost exterminator, currently in her Goth period takes the job of de-ghosting a house for the owner of Haines Hideaways, she may be a tad in over her head. Especially when her first effort does rid the soon to be Hideaway Inn of many, many ghosts (a good thing!) but also sends two of them into Mr. Haines himself (maybe not so good...)

Wyatt Haines isn't fun. He is uptight, a hunk, crabby, a really good looking hunk, impatient; you get the idea, and has no clue how to handle Jo. He doesn't believe in ghosts however thinks the house may be possessed by demons. He doesn't take the fact that HE is now being haunted - internally - by two children well at all.

Jo and Wyatt carefully circle each other just as carefully as Jo is trying to tease the two children in Wyatt back into the "light". They don't want to go. He desparately wants Jo to make them go anyway. A stalemate....or is it?

The Ghost Exterminator is really a good story - the second book I've read by Vivi Andrews - and entertains until the very end. It is funny, sexy and all over a good read for a long afternoon on the couch. I know you'll enjoy the play of words and bodies as much as I did!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted February 20, 2010


Rebel meets by-the-book businessman. Love doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance.

Jo Banks has been seeing ghosts since she was six, so normal was never really an option. Embracing the weird and shunning normalcy makes her the top Ghost Exterminator in her region. Then she meets Wyatt Haines, the uptight, materialistic and irritatingly sexy owner of a successful resort chain.

Wyatt’s new Victorian inn is extremely haunted and the Commando Barbie Ghost Exterminator is just the girl for the job. Except Wyatt doesn’t believe in ghosts, or Jo, or anything outside the norm. He’ll have to start believing fast, though, because Jo’s extermination goes awry and accidentally throws two prankster ghosts into Wyatt’s body to haunt him.

Every time he falls asleep, the mischievous ghosts take over, turning his perfectly ordered life into chaos. His waking hours are no less chaotic, with his thoughts possessed by Jo’s quirky appeal and Playmate physique.

Unfortunately, Jo’s ghost-exing mojo is on the fritz just when she needs it the most to unhaunt Wyatt and figure out why his inn is swarming with ghosts. Preferably before his spirit is permanently separated from his mouth-watering body.

And before her heart is permanently attached to the most sexy, frustrating, normal man she’s ever met.

Genre:Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, Romantic Comedy
Length: Novel

Warning: This book contains prankster ghosts, PG bondage, and a not-so-PG trip to the mile-high club.

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The Ghost Exterminator
(Karmic Consultants: Book 2)
by Vivi Andrews

Samhain Publishing
October 1, 2009
Available: October 27, 2009
ISBN #160504718X
EAN #9781605047188
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