"Touching story of lost love finding each other again"

Jayne Peters is not only herself but also her great- grandmother Charlotte reincarnated, so when vampire Donovan Richards walks into the restaurant she remembers him through her grandmother's memories. The man she loved and lost.

Donovan cannot believe he has an opportunity he thought he would never have again; the woman he loved and lost eighty years ago has come back into his life. He knows that she is not the woman who walked out of his life so many years before, but she is her. Now he has to win her back and hold on to her this time.

Cooper McKenzie writes a story that really makes you start to think; can someone be reincarnated and come back to have a second chance at the things that went wrong in their lives? A touching story of lost love finding each other again, the title says "Book One" so here is to hoping that there is more to come.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted February 20, 2010


When vampire Donovan Richards walks into the restaurant where Jayne Peters works, it brings back memories. Not her own, but the from her great grandmother, Charlotte Bowen Harper who had had a passionate affair with Donovan eighty years. Jayne's nonexistent sex drive kicks into high gear as Charlotte's memories influence an instant lust for the 500-year-old vampire.

Donovan, intrigued by the woman who is a twin for his former lover, invites Jayne to a charity Halloween party he is hosting. Jayne agrees and arrives at the costume party in Charlotte's favorite flapper dress, a dress Donovan had bought her.

Will Jayne's hunger for Donovan combined with Charlotte's memories drive her to pick up where Charlotte left off?

Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal (Vampire), Holiday (Halloween)

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Love Reincarnate
(Vamping With Jayne: Book 1)
by Cooper McKenzie

Red Rose Publishing
October 1, 2009
Available: October 8, 2009
ISBN #1604354194
EAN #9781604354195
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