"Werecheetahs, zombies and magic!"

Root woman Donna Tucker has felt the itch to move on for some time now. After a succubus killed her lover right in front of her, Donna has not allowed anyone to get close to her. For the succubus is after Donna and will kill anyone Donna is close to. Even though she feels comfortable with the werecheetahs, Donna knows they will not be able to keep her safe and so she must move on. However, something happens which forces Donna to change her mind. After Kyle Innes gives his little brother one of her herbal mixtures, he falls into a coma. Donna knows she didn't do anything wrong, so it must be with some of the herbs she got from her source in Seclusion. Even though she hates going anywhere, Donna must leave her home to travel to Seclusion. Adhering to her own moral code, since she feels responsible for the young man's coma, Donna will do whatever is necessary to correct the problem. The fact Kyle Innes is the one man Donna is attracted to really doesn't influence her decision.

Werecheetah Kyle Innes hasn't had an easy life. The rest of his family is pure human—something the leader of the werecheetahs isn't happy about. Their leader would prefer that Kyle break all contact with his human family and live among the other werecheetahs. However, Kyle isn't about to do that. Kyle's father did his best to destroy his family. The man even caused his younger brother's illness—something Kyle feels responsible for. Now, Kyle has managed to gain custody of his brother and sisters and has no intentions of ever breaking contact with them, or of allowing his father back into their lives. So when his younger brother ends up in a coma from one of Donna's mixtures, Kyle will fight his attraction to the woman and make her pay.

What happens when Donna gets to Seclusion to find her source? Will she be able to find the man who sent her the herbs? Is there something evil in Seclusion? Is there a chance of a relationship between Donna and Kyle? Will Kyle's younger brother come out of the coma? Will Kyle be able to forgive Donna?

SEDUCTION ON THE PROWL is a thrilling story of shape shifters and magic. Marcia Colette has come up with some interesting twists to different types of supernatural creatures. But in the end, this is a paranormal romance and the hero and heroine must learn to deal with and trust each other before they can solve the mystery of Seclusion. Not to mention, Donna is hiding something very important, about herself and her source. All in all, an entertaining read with enough variety to keep anyone's interest.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted February 17, 2010


Something is sucking the life from the habitants of Seclusion, Tennessee—one citizen at a time.

After ten years of hiding from a stalker in her magically protected woods, root woman Donna Tucker needs to find her uncle who has gone missing in Seclusion. Her legendary healing herbs are making her clients deathly ill. She traces the problem back to her uncle—after his tainted root puts the younger brother of an enraged werecheetah into a coma. Making an enemy of the one man who captured her eye could be deadlier than what awaits her in Seclusion.

Werecheetah Kyle Innes' life is dedicated to holding together the broken family that his abusive father had torn apart. Feeling responsible for his brother's brain damage, Kyle has become his guardian for life. But thanks to the bewitching root woman's screwup, Kyle’s brother is in a coma. He's looking for retribution and will travel to Seclusion to get it...and more than what he bargained for.

One thing is certain. Donna and Kyle need to trust each other long enough to fight the evil that hangs over the town. Otherwise, they'll die before giving their embattled hearts have a chance.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Magic, Shapeshifter, Inter-racial

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Seduction On The Prowl
by Marcia Colette

Parker Publishing, LLC
December 1, 2009
Available: December 28, 2009
ISBN #1600430724
EAN #9781600430725
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