"...engrossing, creepy and emotionally charged."

A Bay City Paranormal Investigations story.

Before reading it, I had mixed feelings about this book. As a huge fan of the BCPI series and the main characters, Bo and Sam, I wasn't sure I was ready to leave them behind. Especially to have them suddenly be ten years older and potentially not the hot, sexy couple I had grown to love. Ageist of me, huh? However, I put aside my misgivings because I love Ally Blue as an author and was willing to let her tell me another story. I am very glad I did.

Love, Like Ghosts has moved the series on in a new, fresh direction. It was still engrossing, creepy and emotionally charged just as I have come to expect from a BCPI story but has introduced a wealth of new possibilities for the BCPI world. Fans of the series will remember Bo Broussard's 11 year old son Aidan, whose volatile emotions and powerful psychic abilities almost cost his family their lives. Ten years on Aidan has slammed the lid on his emotions and put his abilities on a short leash for fear of hurting others. But life doesn't always go as we plan.

I enjoyed going along for the ride as Aidan and Greg found each other and solved the 100 year old college haunting, falling in love with them just as surely as I have Bo and Sam. I cried as Aidan learned to let go of some of his hard won control and cheered when he learned that true love, like ghosts, is unpredictable and if you are one of the few who have seen it then you should grab on with both hands. I look forward to learning how Aidan's psychokinetic ability and strength as a medium grow and what mysteries he draws us and Greg into next. The Bay City Paranormal series has moved into a new generation.

P.S. Sam and Bo are still hot.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted February 6, 2010


Truth. Lies. A century-old mystery. What a tangled web…

Truth. Lies. A century-old mystery. What a tangled web…

A Bay City Paranormal Investigations story.

At age eleven, Adrian Broussard accidentally used his mind to open a portal to another dimension. Now, ten years later, he’s successfully harnessed his strong psychokinetic abilities. In the process, he’s learned the lessons which have become the guiding principles of his life. Absolute truth. Absolute control. Always.

Sticking to his personal code of ethics has never been a problem, until two chance meetings—one with a hundred-year-old ghost, one with a handsome, very-much-alive man—turn his orderly existence upside down.

Having grown up in a family of paranormal investigators, Adrian is intrigued by the spirit of Lyndon Groome and determined to solve the mystery of his death. Greg Woodhall, however, affects Adrian in unpredictable ways. Not only does his every touch challenge Adrian’s hard-won control over his abilities, his company quickly becomes a light in Adrian’s lonely life.

As the mystery surrounding Lyndon’s death turns sinister, Adrian’s relationship with Greg deepens into something serious. Something Adrian wants to keep. But intimacy isn’t as easy as honesty, and when the heart’s involved, the line between right and wrong can blur.

Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel

Warning: This book contains a gory ghost, a haunted castle, nerdy college parties and gay sex enhanced by psychic powers.

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Love, Like Ghosts
(Bay City Paranormal Investigations)
by Ally Blue

Samhain Publishing
October 1, 2009
Available: October 13, 2009
ISBN #1605046760
EAN #9781605046761
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