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As a slave and working girl, Tavish didn't know what to expect when a sexy bondsman came into the club to arrest one of the high profile clients, Mendez. Soon enough, she finds herself in the middle of the brawl and is taken from the club by the bondsman, instead of Mendez. The bondsman, or bounty hunter, Xave hustles her onto his spaceship, takes her to his home planet, and sends her off with a scorching kiss the likes she never had before.

Xave knew the moment Tavish got into the middle of the fight for Mendez she was going to turn his life upside down. Her sexiness and sassiness appealed to him, but his life as a lone bondsman did not include the space for Tavish. Unfortunately, he finds he cannot leave her even though he still needs to bring in Mendez.

Can Xave watch over Tavish while hunting the criminal Mendez?

Daggertail is simply a joy to read. Tavish and Xave are extremely likeable characters, each flawed and realistic. Together these two are amusing with their non- stop banter and they light the pages of the book on fire.

As well as excellent characters, the world in Daggertail is interesting. I found it interesting the author developed a new set of prejudices common to the people of the Daggertail world that Tavish and Xave had to overcome.

Additionally, the plot pacing is well done. Most interestingly, by the end of the story we find that Tavish and the villain Mendez have a connection. Therefore, the readers are left with a since of completion of this highly enjoyable, well-told story.

Although Daggertail is complete as a stand-alone story, there is a loose end I hope is developed into another book. Definitely give this book a try. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Katie Seely
Posted December 25, 2009


Sold into slavery after her family was brutally murdered, Tavish has spent all her life in a seedy brothel. Arousal is a commodity to be bought and sold, and falling in love always comes with a price tag attached. Those are the rules, until her world collides with a Bondsman named Xave.

Xavier Kovuchenko has made a career of tracking the deadliest criminals all over the known universe. His cold, methodical style leaves no room for relationships. But when Xave’s latest job lands him with Tavish for a partner, everything changes. His solitary existence is suddenly full to bursting with pleasure--from the hottest sex he’s ever experienced fueled by an insatiable lust that goes both ways.

Tavish is a walking contradiction, hot one minute and cold the next, and she's driving Xave crazy. But when their pasts collide and the dust settles, he's got to decide whether to let go and move on or grab the dagger by the tail and hang on for the ride.

Genre: Futuristic/Science Fiction
Length: Novel

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play.

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by Kaitlin Maitland

Loose Id
December 1, 2009
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