"Not your everyday carnival!"

This anthology is about a carnival, but not just any carnival. See, Carnivale Diabolique protects humans against demons and has been around for a long, long time.

In our first story, MISTRESS OF THE BEASTS by J.M. Jeffries, we are introduced to the new head of the carnival Delki Okello, just arrived in America. She never thought she would become the Mistress of the Beasts in America. Instead, she always felt she would remain in her native Africa. Of course, her first assignment is to destroy a shohar demon, which can't be killed until it inhabits a host—a child. Unfortunately, the child this particular demon seems interested in is the sheriff's son—the man Delki is attracted to.

Will Delki be able to kill a child to destroy the demon? What if the demon does choose the sheriff's son? What will happen to the budding relationship between the two of them?

In the second story, THE SHARPEST EDGE by Seressia Glass, we have Cam, who has been able to see demons. In fact, due to her ability, Cam has never settled in one place but spent most of her life running—until she hit Elberton, Georgia. Now, Cam not only owns a diner, but she also inherited a house when her friend, Miss Bessie died. Miss Bessie had "gifts" too and took Cam in when she first arrived in town and taught Cam what she could before her death. Of course, Cam has noticed there have been more demons around since Miss Bessie's death. When a huge, handsome, hunk of Maori covered in tribal tats walks into her diner with a demon, Cam feels very let down. The Maori is exactly the type of man to interest Cam, but the fact he's accompanied by a demon...well, the less said the better. Eventually, Cam is talked into going to the carnival that evening. After watching her Maori's—Anaru—performance, Cam is escorted to the RV of the Mistress of the Beasts. This is where Cam finds out Miss Bessie guarded a demon portal and always intended to have Cam take over upon her death.

Will Cam take over as guardian, or will she run again? What of Anaru? Can they have a relationship?

The last story, THE GOOD SIDE OF EVIL by F.D. Davis, deals with Vulcan and Bodie. Three years ago, Vulcan and Bodie were lovers in love, until Bodie—demon hunter—found out Vulcan was a demon. Now both of them do everything in their power to make the other's life miserable. From Vulcan flaunting his women in front of Bodie, to Bodie making sure Vulcan goes on suicide missions. Unfortunately, they both still love the other. When Vulcan finds some major demon activity, they are forced to put their personal feelings aside in order to overcome the demons.

Why is Vulcan fighting others of his kind? Is there a chance for a relationship between Vulcan and Bodie? Will they overcome the demons?

CARNIVALE DIABOLIQUE is a thrilling collection of stories of good versus evil where the lines between the two sometimes become blurred. The authors all told action- packed romantic tales of a very unique carnival. If you enjoy stories of demons and those who hunt them, don't miss this one.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted December 25, 2009


This book is a collection of stories. The carnival is coming to town. Not any ordinary type of carnival, but Carnivale Diabolique, the only barrier humanity has against the demon portals.

Seressia Glass' The Sharpest Edge
J.M. Jeffries's The Mistress of the Beasts
F.D. Davis' The Good Side of Evil


Carnivale Diabolique
by J. M. Jeffries, Seressia Glass, F. D. Davis

Parker Publishing, LLC
October 1, 2009
Available: October 15, 2009
ISBN #1600430465
EAN #9781600430466
250 pages
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