"Hot, sizzling fun!"

Softhearted Nicole always got dragged into trouble by her sister Brandy, and this time was no different. The only way to escape jail time was to participate in a porn flick, where Nicole was to play the main character serviced by seven of the hunkiest men she'd ever met. Little did she know that before the end of the six weeks were up, she would find herself developing feelings for some of them...

Snow White and the Seven Hunks is pure rollicking sexy fun, where the men are attractive and young and are the stuff of fantasies. The story borders on erotica, as can be guessed from the story's premise, not to mention the descriptions of all sorts of positions that the characters engaged in, but we also see the main character, Nicole, developing major romantic feelings for one of the men--Gabe O'Connor, who returned her feelings.

Though the men were Doms or Dom-wanna-bes, Nicole is no doormat (submissive), and she tells them what's on her mind. Hence, there are only light BDSM scenes, mostly of bondage and discipline. As I'm not in the Lifestyle, I'm not sure if Gabe's behavior, who is supposed to be the Dom of all the Dom's in the story, is realistic/believable.

However, despite the above, I enjoyed the story, and the insight into the industry is intriguing.

Reviewed by Silver Winters
Posted December 25, 2009


How bad could it be, Nicole Martin asked herself when she discovered her options were to take the role or face criminal charges with her ‘big’ sister, Brandy? Actually, it didn’t sound nearly as bad as she’d expected once the producer/blackmailer explained. The filming would be done in low light situations. No one would ever get a really good look at her face. And it was just acting anyway, right? They weren’t actually going to do all those things ….

Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary

Rating: Carnal/Erotica — adult situations and language, mild/moderate bdsm, multiple sexual partners, multiple heroes, voyeurism, male and female sibling voyeurism, blindfolded sex, countless ménages through oilrigs and sandwiches, BDSM rack sexual device, spanking, cum shots everywhere, group sex, dick jacking, dick piercing/metal galore, sexual domination, forced seduction, training of a submissive, constant fondling, constant head, constant sex on camera, violence through fights from Doms and Doms in training, and lots of male possessiveness..

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Snow White & the Seven Hunks
by Kimberly Zant

New Concepts Publishing
July 1, 2009
Available: July 11, 2009
ISBN #1603943285
EAN #9781603943284
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