"High kudos to Ms. Dean for keeping me on the edge of my seat in anticipation."

Near Oklahoma City, a serial killer is on the loose and murdering young women. When the killer makes a mistake and leaves Ravyn Skyler alive, he'll have one determined witch seeking retribution. Ex-homicide detective Nick Lassiter plans to use Ravyn as bait to catch the killer but he never expects the passion that explodes between them or to fall for Ravyn's quiet strength and determination. The killer isn't the only one with secrets...Ravyn has one of her own that just might destroy them both.

I truly enjoyed Heart of the Witch. With Alicia Dean being a new author, I wasn't sure the storyline would be strong enough to keep my attention. But wow! She definitely packed a punch with not just the plot itself but the riveting characters, the suspense surrounding the killings, the attraction between Ravyn and Nick and the climactic ending as well. I'm a huge fan of mixed genre stories and I have to give high kudos to Ms. Dean for keeping me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. I literally couldn't put this book down. From the very first page I felt a connection to both characters and to the villan as well. I always felt like I was part of the story and wasn't disappointed with fillers or nonsense dialogue. If you're a fan of mystery and thrillers woven in with your paranormal romance, Heart of the Witch is definitely the book for you. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next Alicia Dean novel!

Reviewed by Amanda Haffery
Posted December 25, 2009


There is a monster on the loose, a serial killer murdering young women near Oklahoma City. On each corpse he writes his name in blood: THE TIN MAN

But while the villain claims to be heartless, he’s not beyond making a mistake. This time he left his prey alive, and ex-homicide detective Nick Lassiter plans to use her to crack the case wide open. Yet, Ravyn Skyler is nothing like he expects. She remembers little of the crime, and for a victim, she has a deep reserve of quiet strength. In her eyes he sees both helpless waif and merciless vigilante, and in her kiss he tastes both passion and power. With a tale of a tin man, it only seems fair that there’s a witch. And this witch guards a secret that threatens not only their lives, but their souls.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Magic, Witch


Heart of the Witch
by Alicia Dean

Love Spell
December 1, 2009
Available: December 1, 2009
ISBN #0505528266
EAN #9780505528261
304 pages
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