"Perfection to the last bloody drop"

Mika Light Feather was an ordinary retailer until one night working inventory with Caleb King and everything changed. Caleb King is not your average supervisor. He plans on giving Mika an entirely different type of bonus after working one night in the office with him.

I loved this story! Caleb's only compassion was for Mika. And their only care was for their blood lust or an entirely different type of lust. This was a vampire story where vampires were actually vampires. They have no conscious and I love the change of pace among the more recent vampire genre.

From beginning to end, the description throughout the story is superb. Not only drawing in the reader, but keeping them engaged throughout the entire story. The scenes between Caleb and Mika have the reader alternate between fanning themselves and going 'awhhhh' in a weird oh, 'bite me, bite me' sort of way.

I would love to find out more about the Demon of Chaos that Caleb mentions and what eventually happens to Andy, though it can't be anything good. This is one of the stories that as soon as the story ends the first reaction is going to be... and what happens next?

Though Caleb and Mika wouldn't necessarily be considered 'good' guys and I personally would not want to run into them in a dark alley (or a strip club-or would I?) they are excellent characters. And I would love to see them again either as supporting characters or main characters in a continuing series.

Now, be forewarned. There are some female on female scenes in this story, not too many and not for long, but a few. But if you have a problem with that, do not read this book.

Reviewed by Emily Rowe
Posted December 25, 2009


Mika Light Feather always felt as if there were something missing in her life. She traveled nomadically, bouncing from job to job in hopes of the next exciting new thing.

One ordinary day while sitting in a meeting, she unknowing volunteered for the experience of her life.

Working the night shift will never be the same again. Find out what exciting ideas her boss, Caleb King, has in store for her. One night could change her whole life. One night is all it takes to find love, lust, and destiny.

Erotic Romance: Urban Fantasy, Multi-cultural/Inter-racial

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One Night at the Office
by Raven Starr

Red Rose Publishing
July 1, 2008
Available: July 18, 2008
ISBN #1604351667
EAN #9781604351668
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