"I love the variety of the paranormal elements inside this series"

Keira Kelly has come into her powers. Earlier than expected and stronger than they should be, it seems she is the next heir. Of course Keira isn't ready to be an heir and her great-great-grandmother Gigi is doing a great job of leading the clan. So why should she learn how to use her new skills? She would happily stay where she is in Texas and ignore it all.

Then Gigi summons Keira to visit her and when Gigi says jump everyone asks how high. Luckily Keira has some great friends to offer her support on the trip. Her shape shifter brother, his boyfriend, a Sidhe cousin and her vampire lover are all travelling with her to Canada. The trip doesn't turn out to be all that bad. After all, a private family jet picks them up and they get to stay in a gorgeous penthouse condo.

But then things start happening. People go missing, people start dying and suddenly Keira isn't needed as urgently as she was summoned. Something is going on and Keira isn't about to stand back and ignore things. Keira is a force to be reckoned with. Heir or not.

This is the third book in the Blood Line series and it took me a while to get back into things. However thanks to the author adding some history from the previous two books in the first couple of chapters everything started falling back into place and I was back with Keira.

There were lots of surprises and revelations in this book and I found myself thinking 'What can possibly happen next?'. There was a certain wow factor to some of the new information that became available and I had no idea what to expect next. The story twisted, turned and weaved a spell full of magick and paranormal delights. I really can't wait to see what this series will bring with it next time around.

If you haven't already tried the Blood Lines series then give it a go. Make sure you start at the beginning though as the story isn't one you can jump into anywhere. One of my personal favourite aspects of this series is the use of the Welsh language and the ties to my home land, Wales. However, the other thing I love is the variety of the paranormal elements inside this series. There is something for everyone and it's set in a world worth visiting.

Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
Posted December 25, 2009


The perils of power...

Keira Kelly has come into her full powers, and they are frighteningly strong, creating a distance between her and her human friends in her beloved Rio Seco. It is time to obey her great-great-grandmother Gigi's orders and rejoin her family in northwest Canada, where Keira can learn to handle her dangerous new skills. She'll have friends with her every step of the way -- her shapeshifter brother Tucker, his beloved Niko, and, to Keira's dismay, her cousin on her mother's side, Daffyd ap Geraint, the Sidhe prince who suddenly appeared in her life and now refuses to leave -- but her vampire lover Adam has insisted on staying in Texas. And while there are certainly perks to being Family, such as a private Learjet for the flight to Canada and a fabulous penthouse condo overlooking Vancouver, there are threats looming that nobody, not even Gigi, anticipated. Keira's Sidhe inheritance from her mother is far more important than anyone ever realized, and the fate of the Family may depend upon what she does next....

Genre: Urban Fantasy


Blood Kin
(Blood Lines: Book 3)
by Maria Lima

Pocket Books
October 1, 2009
Available: October 27, 2009
ISBN #143915676X
EAN #9781439156766
352 pages
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