"Second chances do happen"

Rick has been in love with Blair since the first time he met her, but because he was too slow to make his move she became his best-friend's girl. When Rick finds out that Blair and Jesse are no longer a couple he decides to not hide his feelings anymore and make his move.

Blair has always had feelings for Rick since the night they met at the bar, now that she is free of Jesse maybe they can make things work between them. As they begin to discover each other they also start to learn about the lies that Jesse created to make sure that Rick and Blair did not follow their hearts.

Karen Erickson has written a story of two hearts and souls that belong together managing to find each other for a second chance regardless of the tricks played on them by Jesse.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted December 17, 2009


He blew his chance once. Now he intends to blow her mindÖ

Rick blew it, and heís never forgotten it. Itís bad enough his best friend Jesse showed his true colors and stole Blair, the girl Rick wanted. Rick never understood what Blair saw in the loser, and still kicks himself for letting her slip through his fingers. But whatís done is done.

Blair is horrified when she realizes that Jesseís lies cost her the happiness she might have found with Rick. Itís been over with Jesse, but he wonít leave her alone. Help comes from a totally unexpected sourceóRick.

When Rick sees them together, heís confused but tells himself to get over it. Until Jesse lays a hand on her in anger. Now all bets are off. A second chance is all heís ever wanted and he intends to use itÖup against a wall, in his bed, over and over again.

Until she surrenders to the idea that she was meant to be his girl. Forever.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
Length: Short Story

Warning: This book contains lots of delicious, mouth-watering romance and love makiní, including sex against the wall (a personal favorite) and the good olí standby, sex in bed.

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Jesse's Girl
by Karen Erickson

Samhain Publishing
August 1, 2009
Available: August 11, 2009
ISBN #1605046450
EAN #9781605046457
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