"Dark Fantasy at its best!"

Chalean Prince Riain Cree managed to escape the Labyrinth onboard a ship headed for the Northwinds. When Northwinds Prince Guy de Viennes finally realized just who it was he was interrogating, not only was the interrogation stopped immediately, but the young prince was put to bed with the de Viennes' own daughter taking care of him. Guy de Viennes also sent a message to the boy's father immediately. After all, he sure doesn't want any trouble with a Cree. Chalean warriors are noted for their berserker tendencies in battle and King Aidan Cree is the worst of the lot. See, young Prince Riain was kidnapped and sent to the Labyrinth, where he would remain until he came of marriageable age, when Hesar planned to marry the boy to one of his daughters. And so Riain is sent to bed with Suzanna de Viennes in charge of his care. However, Suzanna has more than healing in mind when it comes to young Riain, despite the fact she's twice his age and as ugly as her soul is dark. One night, Suzanna manages to give Riain a powerful aphrodisiac and has her way with him. The next morning, Aidan Cree shows up at Vent du Nord keep to collect his son and he is not happy when he finds out what Suzanna has done. As they are leaving the keep, Suzanna is on the battlements swearing Riain is hers and she will get him back. Prince Guy de Viennes promises to have Suzanna locked up in Baybridge—a well known mental institution.

Now we jump ahead a few years. The time is quickly approaching for Prince Riain Cree's Joining ceremony. His parents have chosen Miyoshi Shimota of the Imperial House of Crystallus as his bride. And so Aidan Cree, Christine Cree and Riain travel to Crystallus for the Joining. Of course, Riain can't forget Suzanna de Viennes's curse. Once they arrive in Crystallus, all of Riain's troubles begin, for unbeknown to his family, Guy de Viennes has died leaving Suzanna as his only heir.

Once Suzanna is released from Baybridge, what will she do? Will she take her revenge on Riain? Who will she seek help from to accomplish her evil plans? Will Riain ever be able to escape Suzanna?

Charlotte Boyett-Compo has done it once again with PRINCE OF THE WIND. In this prequel to the WINDLEGENDS SAGA, we learn even more about the Reapers and how they came to be. We are also introduced to a multitude of different creatures, from Molongs to the Gatherer of Souls. We suffer along with Riain as he endures agony for no other reason than having captured the eye of an insane woman and the lengths she will go to to gain her revenge. This story has a bit of everything, from werewolves and vampires to time travel. I still haven't figured out why Charlotte's stories are so compelling, but they definitely are and this one is no exception to that.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted December 17, 2009


Riain Cree, prince of Chale, has caught the eye of Suzanna de Viennes. Despite her every effort, Riain will never return her affections. She put fear into his immortal soul, for the woman is not only insane, she is dangerous.

Suzanna vows to let nothing come between her and the man she has staked claim to. With the help of the demon Raphian, the Destroyer of Men's Souls, she intends to bring Riain to her and keep him forever, even if it means taking his life in the bargain. Using every evil at her command, she will track him through time and space.

Maeve, a sorceress, who has fallen deeply in love with the young prince, has saved Riain's life many times over. She has taught him to use the portals connecting time and space in order to hide from Suzanna.

Prince Of The Wind is a tale of obsession, lust and love striving to break free of an evil intent on crushing it. It's quite a journey…


Note: This books was previously published elsewhere and has been revised for Cerridwen Press.

Genre: Paranormal
Book Length: Plus Novel

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Prince of the Wind
(Windlegends Saga: Prequel #3)
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Cerridwen Press
September 1, 2006
Available: September 21, 2006
ISBN #1419905325
EAN #9781419905322
e-Book (reprint)
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