"A Howl-ing good read!"

Ana Brannon is a veterinarian who happens to be a gypsy with an extra magical kick. Howl Raven is a werewolf who is cursed to not only turn into a wolf beast when the moon is full, but has a hunter stalking him.

Though slow to start off, this story is a must for a reader's shifter library. The villain is wonderfully flawed and winds up getting his just desserts. The scenes between Ana and Howl are steaming and fast paced. Howl is one of those dark, tortured heroes that just wants to protect his woman and vice versa.

While there are some clichéd werewolf elements of silver bullets and full moons, it makes them essential to the plotline and makes the story all the more richer. But while there are some recognizable factors of a werewolf story there are also many extraordinary and unique parts of this story that truly give Gypsy Moon its flavor.

I love how the villain can track Howl regardless of what state he is in. I also love how motherly Ana is toward everyone and everything. I liked how the ending turned out and my favorite line was "Well, he deserved it."- hilarious! But Howl does have the tendency to be overbearing to the point where I, personally, wanted to kick him, but that may just be me.

The only question I have would be for Howl to meet up with his foster family and come to terms with them. Other than that, I'm glad about how this story turned out for Ana and Howl.

I do warn those with weak stomachs, there is quite a bit of blood in this story. It's a werewolf story, so, of course there's blood.

Reviewed by Emily Rowe
Posted December 13, 2009


When witch and veterinarian Ana Brannon finds a wounded stranger in the woods surrounding her cabin, she is determined to save his life. Little does she know her gentle way with animals and powerful magic may be just what the werewolf ordered.

Howl Raven is a private investigator with a past and a secret. When he shifts outside of the full moon, he finds himself at the mercy of a werewolf hunter. Can Ana’s magic help banish the wolf from his blood or will she be doomed to suffer the destiny of her mate?

Genre: Erotic Romance: Paranormal (Shifter)

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Gypsy Moon
by Brianna Roarke

Red Rose Publishing
October 1, 2009
Available: October 29, 2009
ISBN #1604354585
EAN #9781604354584
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