"A Six Part Futuristic Joy Ride"

Lone Huntress:
Introduces us to a Cyborg Bounty Hunter named Lisa Huntress. She is feared and famed for her cruelty. Her latest mission is to pick a Live bounty by the name of Romeo, a projective telepath. But Romeo has bitten off more than he can chew when he messes with Lisa's dreams.

Genesis of the Huntress:
Brock Masterson rescued Lisa when she was 12 from the Pirates who had eliminated Lisa's home planet, and took her hostage and tortured her for a year. Can Brock pull her out of her depression and offer her a new way of life?

Beauty and Beholders:
After a meeting with the infamous "Pink Barron", who works for the FIA, she is offered a well paying job. If she can prove herself, then she will be put on the FIA's list for bounty hunters. Only the best get to be put on that list. Lisa wastes no time in accepting, but a simple assignment turns out to be a little more than she thought.

Love and Hate:
While in a library Lisa meets Sara. Sara is not afraid of the way she looks or afraid to talk to her. What started out as a friendly conversation turns into something Lisa did not expect. As their relationship goes to new levels, there are things that Sara is not telling Lisa.

Family Ties:
While on board her ship, Lisa Huntress gets a transmission from the Queen of Furcodia. They require her services as an exterminator. The experience offers a interaction with a race Lisa has never come across before. What is supposed to be a simple extermination turns into something more.

Taking some advice, Lisa Huntress decides to go for some therapy. What her therapist, Keven see's when Lisa first walks through the door is a shy girl, with unvoiced hope. He knows he can help her. What Lisa finds is someone who understands her, and she finally feels she has found love, but would that require her to give up hunting?

Wow! Lone Huntress tells the story of Lisa Huntress, a cyborg, and all of the trials she goes through in her life. From her first experience after being rescued, and her first love, her first f/f. A.P. Miller does a wonderful job of making us feel as if we are there with Lisa. With vivid detail describing her suroundings, as well as her emotions. You really feel Lisa's fear, anger and pain. The love scenes are smoking hot and very detailed. Over all an engaging read with a well thought out plot, and a memorable character in Lisa. A.P. Miller does it again!!!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted November 8, 2009


In the distant but not too unforeseeable future, humanity has colonized the stars. The Federation exists as a defense against the true tyranny of alien oppressors by the safeguarding of civil liberties and the championing of freedom for security. But with freedom comes dangers and uncertainties, as some seek to abuse their freedom and oppress others in turn.

Originally hailing from the planet Gaia, whose hunter-gatherer natives claim descent from twenty-first century environmentalists and nature lovers, Lisa Huntress was literally born and raised to the profession she claims as her surname. Her skills at tracking prey, be it in an alien jungle or in a high-tech urban landscape, even in the endless void of space, are unmatched. Her specialized ordnance strikes terror into the hearts of pirates and the dreaded Fey alike.

But her cutting-edge armor and her powerful musculature hide a shattered heart mourning over the loss of those she has loved. Behind those predatory eyes gleams the will of a young woman longing for love and companionship. Be it with a telepathic con artist fleeing a wealthy victim, a brilliant beauty from the fabled Planet of Ten Thousand Universities, or a therapist whose heart aches for his client, Lisa cannot help but yearn for what she lost to the deadly arsenal of the Fallen Angels.

But through it all, Lisa remains courageous and professional. No matter what the job calls for, she can get it done. Need someone to track down terrorists seeking to win a gender war that no one else cares even to fight? Are the Fey plotting another conspiracy by playing games with the hearts of the powerful and influential? Has a BEM worldship carrying a colony of the spacefaring vermin slammed into your world and unleashed nonsentient monstrosities eager to ravish your planet of natural resources in a mindless and unending quest to consume, reproduce, and expand?

Just check out the Huntress’ website for contact information. FIA approved for handling assignments rated as critical, she’ll take down the bad guys, rescue the hostages, and track down the answers to the puzzles. Creative financing is available for those of diminished means or those with contracts on space pirates.

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Lone Huntress
by A. P. Miller

Carnal Desires Publishing
October 1, 2009
Available: October 28, 2009
ISBN #1554047102
EAN #9781554047109
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