"A wild, steamy adventure through space!"

Thousands of years in the future, the universe has changed dramatically. Men, while once plentiful, are now in very short supply. Especially men who could rival the Greek gods for beauty. What happens when an independent salvage crew makes the find of their lives? Will they be able to keep their treasure, or will it be taken from them?

Captain Tanna Aldrick had a nose for a good find, so when her all female salvage crew spotted an ancient derelict floating in space, she followed her instincts. When they arrived on the old ship, they discovered that it was carrying an even more valuable cargo then they thought-a tall, handsome man hibernating in coldsleep. When he is revived, Tanna is instantly attracted to him, but would the addition of this handsome stranger tear her loyal crew apart? Will she be able to keep him safe in the strange world he is faced with?

Nine hundred years ago, Garrick Carslile had left Earth for his new post on an outlying base. What was supposed to have been a routine journey turned into something much more when a glitch in his ship's programming threw him off course. Now, he is stuck in the future, where nothing is familiar, and everything he knew and loved is gone. But, as a small consolation, he was rescued by a strong independent woman he just couldn't get out of his head. However, there are dangers in this new time as well, dangers that threaten his freedom and his life. Will Tanna and Garrick get their happily ever after?

Wow! Ms. Tyler has done it again! VALUABLE CARGO was not only very entertaining, but an incredibly steamy book. Garrick was an amazing hero, and Tanna was the perfect complement for his personality. I loved that she was a strong woman, able to take care of herself, and intelligent enough to admit when she might be taking things too far. The secondary characters were very well done as well, especially the other crew members in the ship. The villain was just nasty enough to make the story work even better. Honestly, there is nothing bad to say about this one! Great job!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted October 17, 2009


Tanna Aldrick is the captain of a deep space salvage ship in the twenty-ninth century. When she and her all-female crew stumble upon an ancient ship floating in the middle of nowhere, they figure they might be able to find a few valuable tidbits left on the decrepit spacecraft. But what they discover is more valuable than anything they could have ever imagined finding – a gorgeous hunk of a man from the twenty-second century, perfectly preserved in cryogenic suspension. Mankind has changed a lot in seven-hundred years, and six-foot-four, blond-haired, blue-eyed guys like him aren’t just rare; they’re nonexistent.

From the moment they revive him, Tanna finds herself falling for their handsome passenger. As logical as her reasons for not getting romantically involved with him are, however, she still finds herself inviting him into her bed.

Garrick Carlisle wakes up after seven-hundred years in hypersleep to find that everything and everyone he knew is gone. Lost and disconnected, the only thing that keeps him from completely losing it is the beautiful and sexy, dark-haired ship’s captain who rescued him.

Tanna isn’t the only person interested in Garrick, though. A man like him would bring a high price on the slave blocks on any number of planets and there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the galaxy willing to do anything to get their hands on him.

How far will Tanna go to protect her valuable cargo and what will Garrick do to stay with the woman he has come to love?

Genre: Erotic Romance, Futuristic

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Valuable Cargo
by Paige Tyler

Liquid Silver Books
September 1, 2009
Available: September 10, 2009
ISBN #1595785779
EAN #9781595785770
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