"Scottish romance filled with golf, ghosts and the Bokey hound!"

Sir Colin Mortlock has been feeling at loose ends lately, something he's not accustomed to. Maybe it's because he's been at his estate, Pemberton Fells too long. After all, as an intelligencer, he doesn't spend a lot of time at home. So when he receives his cousin's missive, Colin decides to visit the Laird of the MacLeods in his keep in the Scottish Isles. The Laird receives Colin in private, thereby reaffirming Colin's belief the Laird wants to use him. When Colin discovers what the Laird wants, he is not all that surprised since he knows how ruthless his cousin is. Turns out the Laird has arranged for Colin to become the Master of the Gowff to his neighbor—who just happens to be the heiress of Sir Michael Balfour and is living in the keep along with the new Laird—a twelve-year-old boy. The plan is for Colin to allow the MacLeods into the keep, thereby giving the Laird the chance to wed the Balfour heiress and gain Noltland. Not that Colin has any intentions of allowing such a thing to happen. However, Colin demands food accompanies him, so off he travels to Noltland, along with sheep, cattle and wine.

Since the death of her father and his thirty sons, Frances Balfour has resided in Noltland along with her cousin George and her clan. She has done the best she can with what she has. There are no men in Noltland, other than Tearlach—an old man who runs around naked and plays the pipes—very badly. Frances is hoping against hope that her new Master of the Gowff will act as some sort of bodyguard for her and George. If for no other reason, than to keep Tearlach away from her when he is unclothed.

When Colin arrives, he is shocked by the measures Frances has gone to in order to protect herself and her cousin. Colin is not only impressed by Frances, he is very attracted to her as well. He can see there are no men about, but there are pikes along the battlements. However, women are up there moving them every so often to make it appear there are guards. Also, Frances has not allowed anyone into Noltland, claiming she is in mourning for her father. Local legend has it that when the Bokey hound appears, a Balfour will die. Frances has been afraid something will happen to her cousin. When strange things begin happening—including a dog howling at night—fears intensify and Colin knows he must do something.

Who is behind the strange happenings at Noltland? Is there a traitor in their midst? Who could the traitor be? Will Colin be able to save Frances and George? Get the Balfour men back where they belong—at Noltland? What of the attraction between Colin and Frances? How will Colin decide to keep Frances's unwanted suitors at bay?

THE NIGHT SIDE is a wonderful paranormal Scottish romance filled with ghostly beings of all manner and types. Melanie Jackson weaves a magical tale of local superstition, the way golf was played way back when, along with some of Scotland's history. But in the end, this is a romance and we have the heartfelt sigh at the end of the story. On the one hand, we have Colin Mortlock, a man in a very dangerous line work, strong, capable of thinking on his feet, not to mention, able to see ghosts. Then we have Frances Balfour, very unusual for the women of her time being smart, intelligent, courageous and brave and doing what she can to ensure the safety of those she loves. Watching these two interact and come to terms is a thrilling adventure. This is a story I can easily recommend and do.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted October 16, 2009


For one Scottish lass, the answers lie within...

Colin Mortloch was a spy for Henry VIII and had seen many strange and violent things, especially since he had 'the sight' the ghosts of murdered men were happy to betray their killers. But Noltlund Castle held a mystery like no other, a Scottish hellhound called The Bokey, and a strange and lovely mistress who was every bit as adept as Colin when it came to matters of political intrigue.

Genre: Scottish Historical Romance

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The Night Side
by Melanie Jackson

July 1, 2009
Available: July 28, 2009
ISBN #0505528045
EAN #9780505528049
279 pages
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