Azalea Silla is an artist, practicing shibari as an art meant to beautify the body with the ultramarine dyes from the silk that she uses to bind her customers. However, someone is imitating her art and using it to kill, and she comes under suspicion.

Kev Newman is the detective on the case, and he is drawn to Azalea for her beauty and the peace she gives him. She is a suspect, but is quickly cleared when he realizes he is with her at the time the last murder is committed. When the villain kidnaps her, Kev is slowly realizing that his feelings for Azalea may not be as simple as he thought...

One word--Breathtaking.

A complaint--It's too short!

Seriously, I enjoyed the fast-paced story, and I like that even the lovemaking between the main characters is different from so many books, that while it's hot and sizzling, Azalea also brought Kev exactly what he needs. I like seeing Kev made vulnerable toward the end, as he faces his humanity. And, after thinking about it, I think the ending is perfect, though it leaves us with so much promise unfulfilled. I would've loved to know what happened to Kev and Azalea afterward, how they navigated the waters as they fulfilled those promises.

Reviewed by Silver Winters
Posted October 16, 2009


A woman bound to secrecy. A man bound to protect her.

Azalea’s canvas is the human body. Her brushes—the colorful silk scarves and ancient ways passed down from a long line of Shibari masters. She has bound the rich and powerful, the beautiful and talented. But she has yet to find the one person worthy to trust with her age-old secrets.

Now a serial killer is imitating her unique style, leaving a trail of death across Tokyo. She knows she is in danger, but to reveal her alibi to the grave-eyed investigator would mean doing the unthinkable—breaking her clients’ confidence.

In all his years on the force, Keveri Newman has never seen murder victims posed as lovers, limbs bound in exceedingly rare silk. Down to the last knot, the evidence points to only one suspect: Azalea. A woman who redefines elegance and mystery, who asks the impossible—for him to trust her.

Azalea is drawn to the plain-spoken, cynical detective with hands as wickedly skillful as her own. A third murder inextricably ties them to a single purpose, because that night, she wasn’t alone. She was with Kev. And the killer knows the only way to get to her is to separate her from the one man who can protect her…

Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic, Red Hots!
Length: Novella

Warning: Here be futuristic car chases across Tokyo downtown, in the rain, with no lights and no caffeine in the bloodstream. That’s love, baby.

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Killing Silk
by Nathalie Gray

Samhain Publishing
August 1, 2009
Available: August 18, 2009
ISBN #1605047279
EAN #9781605047270
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