"Story of life and love after loss."

Miracle Swanson is a well known psychic who has been having some of the best erotic dreams of a man she has never met. Until her next appointment walks into her office and it is him.

Blake Benton does not believe in reaching your loved ones after they have passed away but he will do anything to know that his son is fine and that he does not blame him for his death. So, Blake finally decides to see what the great Miracle Swanson has to say. What he does not expect is for her to demand at least one night in his bed.

Being brought together by forces much stronger than they are, Miracle and Blake soon discover that they are meant for each other. But, someone is out to kill Blake and put an end to what they have found together. Blake is sure that it is his ex-wife but Miracle has her doubts when she cannot get a strong psychic reading on the person who is out to destroy her happiness.

Very tender and touching story of a man dealing with the loss of his child, and finding that love still does exist and living is worth something. Of course it would not be a good romance without the love scenes of dominance and submission between Blake and Miracle.

Reviewed by: Annette Stone

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted October 16, 2009


Famous Psychic Miracle Swanson can read everyone’s aura but her own.

When Blake walks into Miracle Swanson's office she is shocked and aroused, but saddened. Blake’s son had died in a car accident and he blames himself. When he walks out on their session, Miracle chases him and begs him for a sexual encounter. He turns her down at first, not wanting to indulge in pleasures since his son’s death. When he gets into a mysterious accident, Miracle goes to his house, against his will, to nurse him back to health. He gives in to his strange and wild attraction to her, teaching her all about sex…including kink.

But somebody wants him dead and Miracle needs to use her powers to solve the mystery. Blake thinks it could be his ex-wife who blames him for Riley’s death as much as he blames himself. But Miracle doesn’t think so. She is feeling a dark and dangerous stranger. As Blake slowly comes to believe in the afterlife and sees and hears his son, he is ready to move on with his love. But will a force beyond their control stop them from ever being together?

Mainstream Romance: Psychic, Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural

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Spanking the Psychic
by Nicole L. Pierce

Red Rose Publishing
July 1, 2009
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