"Hard to put down!"

Delanie Williams stole a rare coin from Grant Thompson on a night that she would never forget, as a simple plan went awry due to the intense passion and attraction they bore for one another. She had never been able to forget him, and no man could measure up to him. Six years later, they meet again. And this time, Grant Thompson was not prepared for her to disappear from him again.

Grant suffered from bad luck all these years that the coin was gone, and he could only deduce that Delanie had taken it. Now that he found her, he wasn't going to give up until he had the answers he sought and Delanie back in his life.

Shelli Stevens pens a sizzling short story that makes for a good lunch hour—or two—read. Hard to put down and too hot for the office, so be warned.

I empathize with Delanie in her conflicted state, and how she regrets a past misdeed that prevented her from going after what she wants for fear of repercussions. Yet, their passion could not be denied, and she became more confused as she realized just what he meant to her. But did Grant really want her or was his pursuit of her hiding his real purpose—to retrieve the coin that he believed is with her?

And Grant is that delightful combination of attractive male with a good dose of jealousy and possessiveness and that now-that-I-found-you-I-can't-let-you-go attitude. Totally yummy!

Reviewed by Silver Winters
Posted October 15, 2009


He’s lured her to paradise…and she’s about to discover the price.

A Chances Are story.

Long ago, Delanie made one gigantic mistake. Or committed one small felony, depending on how you look at it. Stealing a coin from a sexy stranger was just a prank to help a sorority sister get revenge. The sleeping with him part was totally unplanned. Yet she holds the memory of that one intense, passionate connection close to her heart—like the coin she still wears around her neck.

Six years later, she’s invited to a beautiful resort in the San Juan Islands to not only accept a donation for an abused women’s shelter, but to consider a job opportunity as well. Instead, she finds herself face-to-face with her past.

Grant has always suspected Delanie stole his rare, lucky coin. He just never knew why—or why she disappeared the morning after their hot night together. After spending years looking for her, he’s lured her right where he wants her. He’ll have his answers, come hell or high water.

And, if things go his way, he’ll have Delanie, too.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
Length: Novella

Warning: This book contains lost lovers reunited, male masturbation, “You could have died” sex, and overall hot lovin’.

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Luck Be Delanie
(Chances Are: Book 2)
by Shelli Stevens

Samhain Publishing
August 1, 2009
Available: August 11, 2009
ISBN #1605046469
EAN #9781605046464
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