"A forbidden attraction"

Jack Hunter had been captured and experimented on during World War II, transforming him into a super solider. Therefore, he joined the Sentinels, an international group that polices paranormal activity. He is sent on assignment to a small village in France to investigate the reappearance of a dead, mythological creature, Le Bete. But, Jack isn't happy because he's been teamed with Antoine, or Le Tigre, and Antoine is overtly homosexual. Since Jack has been attempting to deny his homosexuality, being around Antoine makes him defensive because both Antoine and Jack are attracted to each other. They must find and eliminate Le Bete, but will Jack survive Antoine's seduction?

The Tiger Within is a compelling story of cat and mouse between Antoine and Jack. I thoroughly enjoyed their interactions, although I found Jack's character to be a bit abrasive. On the other hand, Antoine is amusing and entirely likeable, balancing out Jack's moodiness. They are the perfect couple.

The hunt for Le Bete and its master, Endolon, is interesting. Both Antoine and Jack have past experiences with either Le Bete or Endolon, adding further intrigue into this short story. There are a few historical inaccuracies in respect to technology of the 1940s, but these are minor and do not take away interest from the story as a whole, just left me scratching my head in confusion. Lastly, the ending is open and I look forward to the possibility that The Tiger Within is the beginning of a new series.

Reviewed by Katie Seely
Posted October 15, 2009


When shapeshifter Le Tigre steals a kiss from Jack in a dark alley, he knows he's found his khalid, his lifemate. But the enhanced soldier hates his blatant homosexuality. Can the tiger snare his prey or will the soldier elude him for eternity?

Sentinel agent, Jack Hunter, is blessed…or cursed…with superhuman abilities. He's horrified by the unholy creatures he's been hired to kill: renegade vampires, werewolves, and other unworldly beings spawned from hell. But none of these creatures terrify him as much as Sentinel's top agent and shape-shifter, Le Tigre aka Antoine Fortescue…for Antoine knows his most shameful secret.

From an ancient lineage of shape-shifters, Antoine Fortescue is the last of his kind. He is careful when it comes to love, preferring short-term affairs that don't involve the heart. Until the day he meets the enhanced soldier, Jack Hunter. The man fascinates Antoine with his All-American good looks and arrogance, and it doesn't take long for Antoine to realize Jack is his khalid—his life mate.

A stolen kiss in an alley gives Antoine hope that eventually he'll win Jack's closed-up heart. But Jack Hunter despises Antoine for his openly gay manner and outrageous flirting. When they must work together on a case that's close to Antoine's heart, he's hunting not just a killer but his khalid. He will have his prey, his Jack, and unleash the tiger within.

Genre: LGBT Historical Shape-shifter Paranormal
Length: Novella

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.

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The Tiger Within
by Viki Lyn

Loose Id
September 1, 2009
Available: September 1, 2009
ISBN #1607374226
EAN #9781607374220
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