"Be prepared to laugh and not be able to stop reading"

Bronwyn is supposed to be the next prophecy to create a next being that will control the supernatural and bring them together. Of course, all of this is news to her, she was just doing what her grandmother told her would be her future. To move to the city and find a man that will love her, will give her a child. What she didn't count on were not one but three men that she would find herself attracted to, a vampire, a lycan and a raja.

Constantine is a powerful vampire, and when he finds out that Bronwyn is in his club he knows that it's the prophecy and that he would be the one to fulfill it. He soon discovers that it will not be as easy as he planned; her grandmother had put a protection spell on Bronwyn that prevented him from using any magic on her.

Luke had not planned on finding his mate, but when he caught a scent of Bronwyn he knew he had found her. Before he even realized that she was the one that would make the prophecy of the lycan come true. Now he knows he has to have her.

Caleb is the king and most powerful supernatural being there is, he is The Raja. He has been searching for his mate, the one who would make the prophecy come true, and now he has found her.

Bronwyn is overwhelmed with everything that is happening to her and really getting tired of having three men who want her just to create a child. She wants them to love her as she is falling in love with them.

Madelaine Montague has written a wonderful story, a prophecy told to all the supernatural with each one believing they are the only ones who have this tale. Full of humor throughout the whole book, I could not stop reading it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Through the whole book you wonder who Bronwyn will chose to give her a child.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted October 15, 2009


Her grandmother had told Bronwyn that she would find her destiny in the city—the man she would love who’s child she would bear. But is the man she’s destined for Constantine, one of the last of the vampiric true bloods? Luke, a true blood of the lycan clan? Or the cat lord, Caleb? With all three determined to have her at whatever cost, can she run fast enough to find the destiny foretold to her? And does she really want to?

Contains: Multiple sexual partners, graphic violence and sexual encounters, adult language and situations, sex between the heroine and a shifter in beast form.

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(The Papillion Prophecy)
by Madelaine Montague

New Concepts Publishing
June 1, 2009
Available: June 24, 2009
ISBN #1603943110
EAN #9781603943116
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