"Enjoyable time travel, warror meets librarian"

Paige Turner has had the same sensual dream for days now that seems so real, but every time she wakes up she cannot remember the man's face, just his eyes. Until one morning after eating a batch of Irish Whiskey Truffles she wakes up to find a naked man in her bed.

Seamus the Warrior comes to Paige every night believing she is a witch who has called him to her just to torment him, he is able to pleasure her but receives nothing in return. He is surprised when he comes to her and he is able to stay with her and does not fade as usual.

Paige believes that Seamus is not who or what he says he is, it is not possible for him to have been injured in a battle that was fought eighteen hundred years ago. When she does a search of the battle she discovers that Seamus was injured but his body was never found. Could it really be true that this man traveled through time because of her?

Have to enjoy a good time travel story, it has a touch of humor to it when Seamus is trying to figure everything out in the twenty-first century. He may be a warrior but he also shows his emotions. Well worth the read.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted October 15, 2009


Librarian Paige’s life has gone to hell. Her loss of sleep thanks to some pretty erotic dreams isn’t helping any. After a particularly bad day, she overloads on a batch of Irish truffles. As she falls asleep, her last wish is that her passionate dream lover were real. When she wakes in the morning, she finds him naked in her bed.

Seamus doesn’t know why he started dreaming of this woman, but instinct has him seducing her before he even knows her name. The temptress fills his every need…but she refuses to accept him as her soul mate.

Paige cannot believe the passion Seamus stirs within her. Falling in love isn’t something she planned for, but Paige doesn’t think she can let him go. Soon, his appearance disrupts her life and her career. Will Paige be able to accept the changes he has wrought, or will her fear of change bring disaster for both of them?

Line: Twilight (Paranormal)
Book Length: Short Novel
Book Type: eBook

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Turning Paige
by Melissa Schroeder

Ellora's Cave (Twilight)
June 1, 2009
Available: June 19, 2009
ISBN #1419922092
EAN #9781419922091
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