"Two characters that readers are going to fall head over heels in love with..."

Ami might be a rock star, but she's not the type who enjoys all the hoopla that goes with it. Haunted might be the number one band, but Ami has had it. Running away, she meets Edward. For the first time in as long as she can remember, she finds real peace—in his arms. She can be the woman she remembers, she can relax and she can finally find love. But the real world won't stay away forever and eventually Ami is going to have to make a decision—her career or her heart?

S.L. Carpenter is a writing god and Love Song just reiterates that fact. Two characters that readers are going to fall head over heels in love with, a great plotline, a fast-paced story and exquisite passion are just a few of the reasons I loved Love Song so much. Ami's life isn't easy. Just because she's a rock star it doesn't mean everything goes her way. The life of a singer is killing her—emotionally and physically and she needs to make some major changes. I could relate to Ami, her emotions almost tangible to this reader. Edward is amazing. He's down to earth, just a simple man making his way in the world. But he's there for Ami—he becomes her rock. Mr. Carpenter writes an engaging tale that readers will all be able to believe in, that left this reader on the edge of her seat in anticipation.

Reviewed by Amanda Haffery
Posted October 15, 2009


She’s a rock star, he’s not. That doesn’t stop them from making beautiful music…

The lights, the crowds, the shows—the success that comes with topping the rock charts seems bright and glittering. For Ami, lead singer of the mega-hot band Haunted, it’s anything but. She’s tired of being “on” every waking second. There’s never any time to breathe, and the pressure is driving her toward becoming a dangerous cliché—the drunken musician.

Desperate to regain control of her life, she runs, looking for space. For peace. For herself. What she finds is Edward.

Having a famous rock star staying in his home, Edward is enchanted and stunned. How could a woman like her be drawn to his simple, down-to-earth lifestyle? There’s only one thing he can offer her: a willingness to help with no strings attached.

Slowly, in Edward’s arms, Ami gets back in touch with the woman she remembers. The one who loves music. Laughter. The touch of a lover’s hands on her body.

But the real world won’t let her hide forever. The consequences could cost her her hard-won peace…and her muse.

Warning: Contains scenes of unrestrained passion and frenzied lovemaking. Please consult your physician before reading if you suffer from bladder weakness, since the humor may result in an unfortunate accident.

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Love Song
by S. L. Carpenter

Samhain Publishing
July 1, 2009
Available: July 28, 2009
ISBN #1605047473
EAN #9781605047478
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