"A hot, sexy futuristic sci-fi to fire up your neuras"

Book 1 in the Eve Aizawa series

Eve Aizawa, imprisoned for a heist she had committed, has to work her butt off toward reducing her sentence. She is sent to determine if notorious Adrian Black had killed and taken over the body and wealth of tycoon Jean-Val Cedolin, and thus gaining the funds to sponsor his revolution. Sparks fly when she meets her partner Raul Mason, with whom she will infiltrate Cedolin's pleasure resort to begin their investigation as exotic dancers in a private club. Yet, Eve finds more and more questions the deeper she goes into Cedolin's lair.

Ms. Lee weaves a rich, complex story in a futuristic sci-fi world, wherein the downloading of neuras into blanks reminded me of the Cylons of Battlestar Galactica. Still, she made her world's technology all her own, and it was fun reading to discover what else her imagination thought up to amaze me.

Her heroine, Eve Aizawa, is smart-mouthed and her love for sex is sure to delight readers who love steamy scenes in their fiction. Yet, the sex is not gratuitous as it is a very crucial point on which the tides start to turn. The story's obvious open ending leaves room for more Eve Aizawa installments in the future. I'm also interested to learn whether we would see more of her men in the next books. I do hope so!

The only thing that detracted me from my enjoyment was the info dump in certain places. Granted, readers need an introduction into the world and into Eve's situation, yet I feel that these could be done in a way that is less confusing and more interesting.

Reviewed by Silver Winters
Posted October 15, 2009


Meet Eve Aizawa. Soldier. Seductress. Super spy. Assassin. Gun for hire. And oh, did you know she's also a digital inmate?

When the rumor hits Central Command that an infamous terrorist named Adrian Black had murdered and impersonated a tycoon named Jean-Val CÚdolin, they send Eve to confirm this suspicion. Centcom fears that if a man as dangerous as Black has control over Cedolin's unlimited funds, Black will start a revolution against the Imperial.

To Eve, this mission looks like a cakewalk. But she isn't prepared for how it unfolds when her hot partner, Raul Mason, burns with jealousy when the alpha tycoon tries to take Eve for himself. Just when she thinks she's in control of the situation, Mason and CÚdolin collide in a final dangerous game of sex and power, with Eve trapped deliciously in between.

Double seduction is only the beginning.

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Eve of Seduction
(Eve Aizawa: Book 1)
by Lizzie Lyn Lee

Changeling Press
July 1, 2009
Available: July 1, 2009
ISBN #1605212083
EAN #9781605212081
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