"Bureaucrat Pigs, Tattooed Princesses and Evil Witches...oh my!"

In today's world, the fairy tales we grew up with can start to seem a bit too pie in the sky. Enter Grimm and Grimmer. Various authors have taken on classic stories (and some not-so-classic ones) to make these stories more modern.

Subjects from the difficulty of modern parenting to cloning are part of these amazing stories. Each one is riveting and well told.

The writing of these stories is among the best that I have read in quite a while. I read through this 300 plus page book in a very short time. Sometimes short stories can be a let down because by the time they become really interesting, they are over. These stories start off exciting from page one.

In my opinion, the final story "The Other Side of the Desert" by Jessica L. Murray is a real triumph. Not quite a fairy tale and not quite a bible story, this take on the tale of the much maligned Lilith is thought provoking.

This collection of stories is one of the best books I have read this year and I recommend it to anyone who loves well told stories with a high dose of darkness.

Reviewed by Erin Kennedy
Posted October 15, 2009


Grimm and Grimmer is a collection of fairy tales told from a modern perspective.

Part of the attraction of the original Grimm Brothers' tales was that of their relevance to their audience, and the tales in this book capture the magic and horror of living in modern times.

Though the settings vary, the talented authors within the cover of this book speak to the mysterious, the unknown and the unknowable, which is not lost in these times.

Genre: Paranormal Anthology

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Grimm and Grimmer: Dark Tales for Dark Times
by Adrienne Jones (Editor), Pete S. Allen (Editor)

Mundania Press LLC
April 1, 2009
Available: April 1, 2009
ISBN #159426208X
EAN #9781594262081
189 pages
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