"A swashbuckling, planet-hopping fantasy"

When lovable klutz, Sunny Burroughs sees a half-naked blue girl appear before him at an Alaskan restaurant, he becomes obsessed with trying to save her. But he has to find her first. As he tries to find her, he discovers that the last of the Guardians is dead and the universe is about to end. He also discovers that he himself is a Guardian, and it's up to him to save the universe! Even with his uncle's help, can he do it? Can he save the universe and the girl?

In this planet-hopping fantasy, Sunny must face enemies that he couldn't possibly defeat, including the greatest of all: himself.

I thought this was a great book. Sunny as his klutzy self is funny, making his first transformation into the Guardian even more surprising. Sunny is not a typical hero, being small, wimpy, and rather accident prone. But instead of laughing at him and his clumsiness, I rooted for him— especially when he was not in his Guardian form—since he was only doing his best to help his friends...and save the universe.

This book has lots of action, lots of humour, and lots of funny and interesting characters that kept me engaged through the whole book.

Reviewed by Charlotte Cowie
Posted October 15, 2009


The Last Guardian is dead and the universe is about to end. Can Sunny Burroughs, a nitwit and a klutz, step in to save the day? Of course not—the lovable buffoon can’t walk across a room without falling on his face. But when he is sucked into the quest to rescue a worthless, half-naked princess, he becomes the last best hope for mankind! Even with his uncle helping him, it is anybody’s guess whether he’ll save the girl or actually hasten the end of everything.

In cliff-hanger near-misses and catastrophic attempts, Sunny fumbles his way from planet to planet hoping to save the princess without even knowing the universe is at risk. He is opposed by a diabolical foe he cannot possibly defeat. Along the way, Sunny faces the greatest foe of all, himself, and stands up to his fears and inadequacies. Will the universe be destroyed? Probably—if it is left up to Sunny to save it, but perhaps there is another way.

Genre: Science Fiction

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The Last Guardian
by Stephen LaFevers

Mundania Press LLC
February 1, 2009
Available: February 1, 2009
ISBN #1594264910
EAN #9781594264917
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