"Three Parnormal Worlds in the Heart of Scotland. Be prepared to be captivated to the very last page!"

"THE BEAST WITHIN" by Hannah Howell
The MacNachtons search for "Lost Ones," who are of the MacNacton bloodline(vampire) and the 'Outsiders' blood (mortal). The mix of two bloods weakens the curse, but doesn't eliminate it. The Lost Ones have similar qualities to the vampires—with strength and the need for blood, but they can stay out in the sun without weakening. There is someone of power who wishes to destroy the Lost Ones. He has sent men on a crusade to purge the land of their existence, claiming they are demons. Gybbon MacNacton and his men stumble across Alice Boyd and the children she's been keeping safe in the forest. While Gybbon's men go in one direction to keep the children safe, Gybbon and Alice lead the men, who wish them harm, in another direction in hopes of eliminating the threat. Alice may have of son, but he was born from violence. She does not trust her attraction to Gybbon. Gybbon's longs to hold Alice and take her as his, but he must be patient to win her heart.

Gybbon is a patient kind man, but lethal when called upon to defend those in need of protection. Alice is a young woman who hasn't known much kindness. She will risk her own life to save the children and keep them safe, even it means trusting a man she doesn't know.

This is another MacNacton tale that will leave you wanting to know more. Each tale gives you a snippet into the MacNacton clan's lives and the evil that threatens to destroy them. I love these short stories! Ms. Howell brings alive a world of vampires, mortals and outsiders to 16th century Scotland. The true demons are born from prejudice and fear of what they do not understood. This action packed short story will leave you thirsting for more of Ms. Howell's MacNachton tales.

"THE VAMPIRE HUNTER" by Heather Grothaus
Beatrix Levenach is a witch and the only surviving member of her clan. The Levenachs have always protected the people from the vampires who stalk them. It is foretold that Alder the White will come to her aid, but she realizes there will be a grave cost to his help—one she is willing to take.

Alder the White, a vampire cursed for wiping out the Beatrix's ancestors over a century ago. It has finally come to an end and he will kill the head vampire and break the curse, but he must drink from the blood of the witch to do so. He had thought the task an easy one, but when passion flares between him and Beatrix, he can think of nothing but saving her.

12th century Scotland with magic and vampires—who could ask for more? The passion between Beatrix and Alder is heartwarming; both are lonely souls in their own way and crave passion to complete them. A perfect balance as is their sacrifices to obtain what they most desire.

"LAIRD OF MIDNIGHT" by Victoria Dahl
Finlay Maclain has hunted the vampire clan who changed him and murdered his family, eliminating them one by one. Fifty years later, there is only one vampire left—Jean. However, Finlay's life becomes complicated after meeting Kenna Graham, a tavern wench who has a will of her own. Finlay had thought it a fable, but Kenna's scent is a perfect blend, an aphrodisiac that tells him she is his perfect match. Fate has a wicked sense of humor since his days are numbered.

Kenna Graham is a widow who is forced to work at a Tavern to survive. No one has ever treated her with respect and with a kind heart except for Finlay. She should fear him. He's a vampire, but her heart tells her to trust him.

Another wonderful tale that draws you into a world of lords, ladies and vampires in 16h century Scotland. Finlay must learn to forgive himself. He cannot change the past. Kenna longs for a man to treat her with kindness and respect. Ms. Dahl had written a tale of danger and cruel consequences of ones' choices in life. However, Finlay and Kenna will have a second chance.

Highland Beast has three tales, three paranormal worlds with conflict, danger and romance. With the spell weaved from the first page, you'll be captivated until the very end.

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted October 15, 2009


Unleash his wildest desires...

The Beast Within by Hannah Howell
Gybbon MacNachton spends his days searching for the Lost Ones - demons with the powerful MacNachton bloodline who are being hunted by those who want to destroy them. When he stumbles upon Alice Boyd, living like a wild animal in the forest, she stirs a primitive lust deep within him - a lust that can only be sated by their explosive union...

Laird of Midnightby Victoria Dahl
For fifty years, Finlay Maclain has hunted the clan of vampires who murdered his family and turned him into one of them. Now, he's at the end of his quest, sitting at a tavern, waiting for the last vampire he must kill. But the tavern's beautiful wench is distracting him beyond reason - and all he can think of is teasing her until she begs him to take her again and again...

The Vampire Hunter by Heather Grothaus
As the last surviving member of her family of witches, Beatrix Levenach must protect the townspeople from the vampires who stalk the land. But when her life is placed in danger, she receives help from Alder the White - a vampire from the clan responsible for wiping out her ancestors over a century ago. With no other choice, Beatrix accepts Alder's help. And when they discover an all-consuming passion, they must make the ultimate sacrifice for an eternal love...

Genre: Paranorma Romance, Anthology, Vampires, Demons, Magic


Highland Beast
by Hannah Howell, Heather Grothaus, Victoria Dahl

Kensington Publishing
September 1, 2009
Available: September 1, 2009
ISBN #0758235097
EAN #9780758235091
304 pages
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